Sabal Trail same old at Albany FERC Scoping Meeting

Spectra is claiming to have learned lessons from their safety record they previously repeatedly claimed they were not familiar with.

Josh Rhoden reported for WALB 3 and 4 March 2014, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission holds pipeline hearing,

Guenevere Perry and her mother Dianne came out to Monday night’s meeting, they’re worried about the effect the pipeline may have on their property value.

“Some of the concerns that would be more imminent to citizens in the area would be property value,” said Guenevere Perry.

Critics say Spectra energy, one of the companies involved in the project, has had three major explosions in Oklahoma, Canada, and Nebraska. But Andrea Grover with the Sabal Trail Project insists spectra has a good track record.

“Spectra energy really has a good safety record, we have the best in the industry, we take a lot of lessons learned and apply them to our programs,” said Andrea Grover, Sabal Trail Transmission.

So now she’s familiar with Spectra’s safety record after for months she wasn’t? When did Spectra learn all these lessons, and when did they apply them? Would you buy a used pipeline from such a company, or a new one, for that matter?, Albany News, Weather, Sports

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