Call to Action by State Representative Darrel Bush Ealum

Now’s the time to ask your state legislators to help Rep. Ealum oppose Sabal Trail’s proposed fracked methane pipeline. Here’s a handy table of all the Georgia state House and Senate members from the counties along the proposed pipeline path.

You may want to mention the August 7th deadline for comments to GA-EPD about the proposed Albany compressor station.

And don’t forget to call Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and sign the petition to him, and you can still ecomment to FERC.

Urgent Alert

Call to Action by State Representative Darrel Bush Ealum (PDF)

Darrel Bush Ealum, State Representative, Georgia House District 153 met with Governor Deal to discuss the serious environmental and cumulative impact that the proposed SABAL Trail transmission line and compressor station will have on the posed nine counties it will pass through in Georgia.

Governor Deal was very gracious and expressed interest.

I represent Albany and Dougherty County and have spoken to thousands of constituents about the Sabal Pipeline. Not a single individual has expressed support while many thousand are deeply concerned and adamantly opposed.

I cannot fathom why Spectra would even consider putting the compressor station inside the most populated County and City (Albany, Dougherty County) along the proposed Georgia pipeline route! As a businessman, I seriously question the limited residual, reoccurring income stream coming to our state of Georgia, our County of Dougherty, and our City of Albany.

A pipeline like the proposed, Sabal Trail Pipeline will most likely be capable of producing income for the next 50 plus years. What is the plan for Georgia, Dougherty County, and Albany to receive a reoccurring return on the billions, and billions of units of gas that could flow through the line over the next 50 plus years?

I encourage you to contact your state senator and your local state legislators immediately, as time is of the essence, and ask them to join me in my effort to protect our beloved Georgia.

I look forward to your support in this critical endeavor.

Darrel Bush Ealum
State Representative
Georgia House District 153
409B Coverdale Legislative Office Building
Office Email:
Personal Email:
Office Phone: (404) 656-0116
Cell Phone: (229) 881-2000

Darrel Bush Ealum
Chief Executive Officer
Ealum Estates, Inc.
Albany, Georgia


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