Suwannee County BOCC voted 3 – 2 to pass a resolution to remain neutral on the Sabal Trail pipeline despite citizen and environmental group opposition. The vote was Commissioners Fleming and Sessions against  with Bashaw, Gamble, and Wainwright voting in favor of the resolution.

Debra Johnson asked the chairman to read resolution for the public. Then pointed out that they were bordering on censorship.

Lori McCraney also spoke in opposition of this resolution stating that FERC and the Army Corp of Engineers have not made decisions on the Sabal Trail pipeline and as pointed out by Commissioner Fleming the SBOCC members need to go onsite and see the numerous active sinkholes in the pipeline path at the Suwannee river crossing.

We were reassured that the public would be allowed to speak on the pipeline subject during citizens comments at the end of the meetings.

This is really no change as far as the public input is concerned as SBOCC has never allowed any citizen or group a place on their agenda concerning the Sabal Trail pipeline.

The citizens opposing the Sabal Trail pipeline have always been relegated to public comment at the end of meetings anyway.

What the resolution does do though is prevent the SBOCC from having to address any future issues whether the citizens, water and so forth are in obvious danger. Which we all know they are.  When questioned about this the board responded that they would simply pass a resolution.

FPL’s lobbyist, Kyle Cobb, who is always present at the SBOCC meetings where resolutions to ban the pipeline (2014) and another the Suwannee River crossing (Dec 1, 2015) were scheduled to be passed was present at this meeting and all others between. Mr. Cobb has been at every meeting concerning the Sabal Trail pipeline at which the board then reversed it’s decision to pass a resolution against the pipeline, except for the meeting at which SBOCC passed a resolution to move the Hildreth compressor station.

Makes one wonder what control he or rather Spectra, Duke Energy, NextEra have over SBOCC.



  1. It makes me wonder about all those conversations in violation of the Government in the Sunshine law-when was all this decided? Also the financial records of those concerned would make for interesting reading.

  2. NEUTRALITY Equals-No One’s Doing Their Job
    County Commissioners are elected to do a job and it appears some Suwannee County Commissioners want the check but are refusing to do the job elected to do. Neutrality is not an option on an item that is before the board or any item that is to come before the board. Commissioners make decisions and vote to pass or deny issues and neutrality is not and has never been a part of that process. I smell a big fat rat and I do believe it has three heads (Bashaw, Wainwright & Gamble), and someones feeding these three some cheese and it’s evident by this neutrality business of where that cheese is coming from! First these three bozo’s were all for the pipeline and then they were against it. AND NOW they want to remain NEUTRAL?? Flip-flopping on such a critical issue doesn’t make a lot of since and clearly sends the message that they are still ALL FOR the pipeline gutting threw some of the most vulnerable, fragile Eco system in the world. The commissioners have blatantly been lied to about sinkhole presence and activity along the suggested pipeline path and have further refused to do their job by choosing to believe what’s told to them instead of doing their own research and investigation. I would like to personally thank one commissioner who did not buy the Corporate/State Dog & Pony Show and mouthful of LIES and is a working commissioner whose doing his job, Commissioner Clyde Flemming walked approx. 2 miles of the pipeline path and saw for himself sinkholes (active & Nonactive) that are directly in the path of the pipeline or within feet of it. I myself counted 10 within feet of the pipelines path and 3 that were directly in the path of the pipeline. Constituents don’t elect men to sit on their ass straddling the neutrality fence and drawing a paycheck, they elect them to look out for the best interest of the people and the land. Bashaw, Gamble and Wainwright-I would say it’s time to put these three out to pasture because Suwannee County is certainly not getting their monies worth!! Neutrality! Most ridiculous thing I ever heard of as an excuse to be spineless and not do ones job. The people of Suwannee County should be outraged!!

  3. Thank you Commissioner Fleming, They indeed do need to hike the sinkhole trail and see it for themselves. Our resources are more valuable than there pipeline and gas.

  4. When renewables, Wind & Solar take off in Florida it’s ON! Tell Mr. Rick Scott Not to block our move to accelerate the transition away from dirty energy. NO Acid Frack Attack! No STT Pipeline!

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