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Sabal Trail Pipeline Being Laid At Suwannee River In State Park

Sabal Trail is moving fast and people need to get to Sacred Water Camp near Live Oak FL

Sabal Trail is laying pipe in Suwannee River State Park now.

[edit] Running east of a 1st magnitude springs —  Lime Sink Run

Join us #Sacredwatercamp,+Live+Oak,+FL+32060/@30.3287715,-82.8664355,12z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x88eee1b0cf1ac38f:0x99ab9896807d8610!8m2!3d30.3925897!4d-82.934561


Direct Non-Violent Action Against Sabal Trail Pipeline Near Live Oak FLorida

Suwannee County Sabal Trail Pipeline
Suwannee County Sabal Trail Pipeline – Off River Road

Please join us.  Indigenous Tribes invite all people to a Sabal Trail Pipeline direct action demonstration near Live Oak/ Ellaville Fla on River Road @ Corner Of 197th Place And 199th Place Live Oak, Fl.
This is an Indigenous spiritual event similar to Dakota Access Sacred Stone Camp. Camping is available.

Demonstration will begin Monday October 17 @ 7 am — all are welcome to join encampment as long as non-violent.  Stressing NON-VIOLENT DEMONSTRATION.

Please note this is not a Spectrabusters event but Spectrabusters does show support for this event.

Facebook Event page:

They will be drilling under the Suwannee River right down the road!  We must act and act now.
~~ Deb

Sabal Trail Prepared to begin to Drill pipeline under Withlacoochee River in Lowndes County GA – Near Valdosta

Hdd Drilling truck at Withlacoochee River prepared to drill under the river. Thank you to jsq of WWals

As reported to me earlier today Sabal Trail has hauled matting, delivered a HDD truck to drill under the Withlacoochee River in Lowndes County:

"Sabal Trail is apparently in full preparation for HDD of the Withlacoochee River on U.S. 84 west of Valdosta in Lowndes Co. There is plenty of activity going on just off of Old Quitman Hwy such as a lot of acreage has been completely cleared, semi trucks going in and out hauling excavators and matting.

"The area that has been cleared (bare) is large enough to accommodate lots of pipe. The construction/destruction activity can be clearly seen from a public dirt road at the end of Old Quitman Hwy, if you would like to take pictures or video of the activities."

Or if you wish to plan a protest to try to halt this dangerous horizontal drilling under a river that flows into Florida and will adversely impact the Floridan Aquifer — our sole source of water. Exit 16 off I75 to Valdosta, go west and turn on Old Quitman Highway.

John Quarterman went to site today and took some pictures. He stated that while he was there a HDD — drilling truck arrived – see picture above.

Here is a link to more pictures John took today:

Thank you to anonymous sources and to John Quarterman for visiting the site.



The TPP & OTHER ‘CORPORATE FRIENDLY’ TRADE AGREEMENTS must be stopped or companies like Sabal Trail will run amok all over us — Foreign Companies at that …



"I wanted to send out this "Care Packet" for us all to make use of in our fight to stop the Lame Duck TPP vote.

Care Packet to Stop the TPP for In-District Activism

President Obama plans to introduce (Trans-Pacific Partnership) TPP in the ‘Lame Duck’ session, shortly after Election Day, so right now, he and his corporate lobbyist friends are pushing on our reps to vote yes on TPP in the undemocratic session.

Is your House Representative either retiring or possibly going to be voted out? Or is s/he evasive on how they plan to vote on TPP should it be on the floor?

Did they vote yes on fast track last year, or were they silent until the last minute, indicating they were waiting for the last vote to roll in so they could appear to care about constituents?

Lots of shady deals continue to go down and it’s up to us to make sure our children and grandchildren inherit a decent world.

Now is the time to get them all on the record as to whether they support or oppose the TPP. And we need to let them know we expect them to oppose a Lame Duck vote on TPP. FYI: There is never a good time to vote on the TPP.

If not now, when? If not you and I, then who?

Here’s what we must do to make sure we win on TPP:

1–Take the No Lame Duck TPP Pledge here: register/

Join the #NoLameDuckUprising:

Join the TPP Resistance Call every Wednesday:

2– Show Up to make a difference. That’s how we win!

During the election season, we need to attend public forums, write letters to the editor, make office visits and bird-dog our house members at every public event.

Depending on their positions and affiliations, we are going to confront them in order to make a vote for TPP a toxic decision that will haunt them for the rest of their (short) political career.

What do we need?

  • First, it’s good to know how s/he vote on fast track. Here’s the list: If they voted “yes” on fast track, they are a definite target leading up to the election and we will need to let them know they betrayed us, and that they still have time to get it right by committing to vote no on TPP, and opposing a lame duck vote.
  • What issues do our reps care about? Ex: Does s/he vote as Tea Party / Deficit hawk / Jobs / Healthcare / Environmentalist / Business-minded / Care about seniors / sovereignty / etc….
  • We’re including links for both conservative and progressive members of congress. Bring them a few papers. Some fliers work better for some reps and not so much for others. For example, I have a Tea Party Republican as my rep, so I don’t bring him fliers about the environment, but fliers on jobs, trade deficits, sovereignty, and the economy have worked quite well for him. Some of these resources are long informational reports and others are informational fliers and issues papers. Bring in issues papers or fliers along with a personal letter letting your rep know you expect them to stand up for the people they were elected to serve.
  • TPP Links for Conservatives:

Have get-togethers to discuss the ramifications should TPP pass – jobs, economy, environment etc… Break the ice with a short video and then have a discussion. Below are several great informational videos.

Videos on TPP:



Bernie Sanders on TPP: v=kNm1WL89JSc

Good information / a year old–Lori Wallach on Democracy Now:v=KEi4ZqruX6Q

I like this one: v=wFfaItb5elA

  • Brainstorm when to visit your rep’s office to make sure they know TPP is unacceptable.
  • During the election season, Bird-Dogging is a great tactic–attend candidate forums, and be sure to ask your rep how s/he intends to vote on TPP in the Lame Duck Session, but tell them you expect them to speak out against holding a Lame Duck vote.

Fliers: CWA

More CWA Fliers:


Here is an option for those great DNC Stop TPP Signs from the Northern Illinois Jobs with Justice: no-tpp-rally-sign/

TPP Occucards:

Creative actions / Light Brigades / Here’s a good resource for light brigade stuff:


3– Call your members of congress every day

In-district contact: Go to this site, type in your zipcode, then when your rep comes up, click their name and scroll to the bottom to find their local offices: representatives/find/

Phone number for the D.C. Congressional Switchboard:(202) 224-3121 Please CALL your members of Congress NOW and tell them to OPPOSE THE TPP! Tell your rep’s office you want a response.

(202) 224-3121

4–Write letters to the editor and op-eds

Write letters to your local paper. Members of congress read local papers to find out what matters to constituents. Make your letter short, sweet, and to the point. Here’s a link to helpful tips on effective LTEs: tools-for-making-media/

5–Email Your Member of Congress

Here’s a good current email tool from CPA:


Tools for Education

A Better World is Possible

New Rules of the Road:

Refuting Obama’s TPP Rhetoric


Refuting the National Security Argument:

TPP and Food Sovereignty and Safety:

8 Reasons to Vote NO on TPP

AFL-CIO Informational resources:

Article by Zahara Heckscher on TPP and access to medicines:heckscher/congress-you-are-to-blame-for-epipen-prices-3342622518d9#.tfoiu33bo

To find help for successful in-district events, go to: Organizing Resource Hub for TPP resistance resources:

Or: On Flush the TPP: resourcehub/

We have the power to stop the TPP—let’s just do it!

Harriet Heywood-Trade Justice Alliance / People Demanding Action Florida Coordinator"

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Sabal Trail Protest – Electricity blackout protest

Think of the money FPL and Duke Energy would loose if we all just shut our power down for just one day. Heck the weather is becoming cooler and we could do this many times What a great way to show your opposition to the Sabal Trail Pipeline.

It would be no different than what we experience when hurricanes/tropical storms come through.

A Boycott that would cost them millions in revenue and $$ is a corporation’s lifeblood. THIS will get their attention

So on Oct 14 at 8 PM to Oct 15 at 8 AM in EDT please turn off your main breaker at least for 12 hours — say while you are at work or build a bonfire and have family time under the stars.

Your food will stay good in refrigerator and freezer for up to 48 hours as long as you do not keep opening the door.

Please join us in this easy way to say NO SABAL TRAIL PIPELINE.

This idea was created by the folks at Stop Sabal Trail on Facebook.

Here is the link to the event page should you want to join there and read more

​~~ Deb​

Commission Order/Opinion issued in FERC CP14-554-000,et al.

FERC dismisses motion for stay on construction while Sierra Club and Flint Riverkeeper lawsuit pending

On 9/29/2016, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Washington D.C., issued this document:

Docket(s): CP14-554-000
Lead Applicant: Florida Southeast Connection, LLC
Filing Type: Commission Order/Opinion
Description: Order Dismissing Request For Stay re Florida Southeast Connection, LLC et al under CP14-554 et al.

To view the document for this Issuance, click here

To modify your subscriptions, click here:

Globalfrackdown – Europe’s Oxford Energy Forum on LNG economic outlook

Fracked Gas infrastructure worldwide expected to not be profitable – Global oversupply of gas expected – Discussion of various Markets from Oxford Energy Forum

Sabal Trail pipeline and all USA fracked gas infrastructure is a worldwide problem dating way back in time — Afghan War began over control of gas and pipeline infrastructure.

One might ask just WHY is the oil industry destroying our planet, water and risking lives for such a risky short-term not guaranteed profit?

We must realize we are in this together — worldwide — and demand a halt to fossil fuel usage, the wars and devastation they cause. Time to move to renewable energy sources and North America is late to the party.

Keep it in the ground!

Oxford Energy Forum on LNG outlook

2.1 The supply outlook: Australia and the USA

As a result, although the growth of the LNG industries in Australia and the USA have transformed the global gas economy, their current state reflects the problems faced by the industry as a whole. Large projects are unlikely to make expected returns and some smaller project participants may go bust as a result. Nevertheless, the infrastructure has been built and will continue to produce while it can cover cash costs, meaning that the global oversupply of gas is likely to continue to the end of the decade at least.”

2.2 LNG demand potential in Asia

In both the low and high cases the dominant markets, in terms of absolute volumes, are Japan, South Korea, China, and India. … China and Japan dominate the picture between 2015 and the early 2020s. The pace of China’s policy-driven coal-to-gas switching is key, as are uncertainties in the gas supply mix. These uncertainties include domestic gas production (both conventional and unconventional) and the scale and timing of future pipeline imports (from Turkmenistan and Central Asian, and of Russian gas from East and West Siberia). For Japan, the main uncertainties are the pace and extent of the start-up of nuclear power plant (which would reduce the requirement for LNG imports) and the achievement of long-term energy efficiency goals. In the case of Taiwan and South Korea, the scale of future LNG imports depends on uncertain economic growth prospects and energy mix policy.

2.3 What role for Europe in the global LNG market?

Gazprom will likely look to retain its market share at 27-33 per cent, and with a surplus of about 100 bcma of relatively low-cost gas, it will be in a position to compete not only with all other pipeline gas but also with LNG (including US LNG) supplies throughout the period to 2030. Gazprom could keep gas prices at $4-6/MMBtu (or Henry Hub + $2/MMBtu) for quite a long time, even if it would prefer to avoid such a situation.If there is a price war, Gazprom is likely to win. …

2.4 Natural gas markets in South America and the role of LNG

In conclusion, South America is not expected to be a major future LNG market unless there are extreme climatic conditions, which will not happen every year and will not last for many years. LNG will remain necessary to supply much needed flexibility, additional volumes, security of supply, and to reach new markets far from infrastructure. However, there are also major uncertainties on volumes, prices, timeframe, location, and even direction of the LNG flows, as some importers could become exporters at times of low demand towards the end of the timeframe.”

Thank you to Food and Water Watch Europe –

~~ Deb


250,000 gallons of gasoline spilled (probably more) in ALA and all they care about is the $$ – Government Censorship

Alabama – Sept. 15 2016 – As you may know know a rather large pipeline carrying 1.3 million barrels of gasoline exploded and spilled (according to the company) 250,000 gallons of gasoline onto the ground, causing the Governors of Alabama and Georgia to declare a state of emergency. A kind of martial law in the wording forbidding any airspace usage and more.

According to Colonial Pipeline officials, that is the equivalent of 6,000 barrels of gasoline. It should be noted that a spokesman for Colonial stated that number is only an estimation.”

And they always estimate low, very low the amount of damage as well as pollution of the groundwater and aquifers. This is so far affecting the states of GA, ALA, NC, SC and TN. But who knows where the damage will stop and who knows where else as water flows south in most cases?

What is really disturbing is the fact that this state of emergency was only for the economic impact on the region. Not the health, environmental, polluted groundwater, aquifers as well as the effects on the population concerning the vapors from this large (we are not sure just how large, spill).

No you may not have seen this on the news, as the oil industry funds all major news outlets.

Here’s why and is very concerning:

Out of an abundance of caution, the Federal Government has restricted the airspace above the release location to further protect responders, personnel and the public. This is a decision that Colonial supports.”
You can bet Colonial is very happy no one can see the damage and it cannot be reported properly for all to see!

We need to be very concerned on so many levels here — an executive order being issued by the Gov. of Alabama to prevent the public from learning how bad this spill really is on behalf of the oil industry, our water, lands, live and those of the poor people most impacted in Georgia and Alabama.

Here is one video of the site notice on the right the gasoline retention ‘stream’?:

Do you think any of these pipeline companies give a damn – including Sabal Trail/Spectra Energy, Dakota access, Keystone? A corporation does not care about anything but money — bottom line. Obviously our government is the same.

Folks we are not safe from the fossil fuel companies or our own government! Time to do something about all of this don’t’ you think?

Let us demand a halt to all pipeline construction. A hiring of enough regulators to ‘regulate’ this industry. A demand of halting all subsidies and other ‘breaks’ for the dying oil industry. an investigation of FERC — the federal agency who rubber stamps all pipelines as they are funded by the oil/gas industry.

We must act before it is too late. There are plenty of events across the nation as well as action groups on Facebook – STOP SABAL TRAIL is one. Join in any or all of the groups in your area and not just on FB. YOU can save your life as well as those of your children and their children…. seven generations of protection we should leave our descendants. What are these descendants going to say about us if we do nothing? Personally I do not want them to have to {sic} say we did nothing.
~~ Deb

Protest Sabal Trail & Dakota Access pipelines at Suwannee River Crossing ~~ A WWALS event

You are invited to protest Sabal Trail and the Dakota Access Pipeline this Tuesday 5:30 PM! News media are invited. Walk with signs along the bluff to the proposed Sabal Trail Suwannee River HDD crossing, or paddle downstream and back.

"We aim to get pictures and video of people on the bluff, beach, and river at the same time demanding the Army Corps re-evaluate its permit for Sabal Trail just like its permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Both pipelines should be canceled: keep it in the ground!

This WWALS Outing is part of the #NoDAPL Day of Action — Tuesday Sep. 13, tying the Dakota Access oil Pipeline to the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline through their ownership by the same companies. This outing is also a followup to the Waterkeeper Alliance letter in support of the Standing Rock Sioux against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is going to re-evaluate its permit for DAPL, and it should do the same for its permit for Sabal Trail, because USACE also did not properly evaluate evidence including a hydrology report organized by Bobby C. Billie, one of the Clan Leaders and Spiritual Leader, Council of the Original Miccosukee Simanolee Nation Aboriginal Peoples."