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Petition Florida Congress members to oppose Sabal Trail

It’s time for Florida members of Congress to join the four Georgia Congressmen who have told FERC to fix its broken process or deny a permit for Sabal Trail.

Citizens of Florida can petition their members of Congress either by:

  1. Printing and signing a PDF petition from the website of WWALS Watershed Coalition. (Petitions for Georgia and Alabama are also on there.)
  2. Signing online a form put up by Gulf Restoration Network that will send directly to your members of Congress.

SpectraBusters continues to assist these and an increasing Continue reading Petition Florida Congress members to oppose Sabal Trail

No Fracked Gas Florida –Harriet Heywood

Wouldn’t it be convenient for fossil fuel profits if the Sabal Trail pipeline was already in place and they started fracking? Received today as a comment on Strom LNG Processing & Export In The Public Interest? What About Solar & Other Clean Energy Alternatives?; the content is the opinion of the author undersigned below. -jsq

The health of the people and the water of the state of Florida are being auctioned off by a block of elected politicians backed by big oil company lobbyists. And our House representative is one of them.

September 17, the Florida League of Women voters called a town hall in the Orlando area to address public concerns over industry plans to practice hydraulic acid fracturing on our fragile limestone aquifers. Not coincidentally, HB 191, and SB 318, bills that call for preempting Home Rule laws, for the express purpose of greasing the skids for fracking in Florida, were quietly introduced that same day by Rep Ray Wesley Rodrigues, Ft. Myers and Senator Garrett Richter, Naples.

The bill is backed by Continue reading No Fracked Gas Florida –Harriet Heywood

Strom LNG Processing & Export In The Public Interest? What About Solar & Other Clean Energy Alternatives?

Below you will find an excerpt of Strom, Inc. DOE Application # 15-78-LNG submitted May 2015, section V, describing the public interests of processing LNG, transporting via train and/or truck 90 miles along the pristine west coast of Florida for exporting to other, countries this includes non-FTA countries.  Are these people not aware of Solar Energy and other clean energy alternatives which would well serve the countries they propose to export greenhouse emitting, water destructive and air polluting fracked gas to?  You know they are.  But DOE/FE policy gives LNG facilities the right to negotiate their own trade agreements and determine the environmental effects in the name of promoting competition in the dying, subsidized fossil fuel industry.  As for the 100’s of jobs Strom says will be created in this application, if the Florida government and utility monopoly were removed (as it is in all but 4 states), via solar choice, there would be 1000’s of jobs created in the solar industry alone!

It is obvious that this endeavor is “all about the money” for an industry that has seen it’s time and needs to fold or adapt. As well as the invested politicians ‘on the dole’.  The fracking industry is operating in debt – in the ‘red’ – and guess who will be left with the losses economically, environmentally and socially.

Strom’s DOE application for their multiple operations are still open for comments via DOE online here: The last day to comment is Feb 12, 2016.

Below here is Strom’s argument for public need/benefits from their application to DOE.

Strom NTFA.pdf

Where in Suwannee County is the KMI JAX Expansion Project?

Where does this KMI natural gas project start, and where would it connect to Sabal Trail? Across FL 247 Back in March 2015, FERC gave Kinder Morgan docket CP15-144 for its Jacksonville Expansion Project, to ship “natural” gas from Suwannee County to Jacksonville, where Jaxport is gearing up for liquid natural gas (LNG) export. KMI’s FERC application explicitly says Sabal Trail can connect if it wants to, and it turns out Sabal Trail’s own Suwannee County map gives us the answer, once we interpret it: Continue reading Where in Suwannee County is the KMI JAX Expansion Project?

Marion County Sinkhole on Sabal Trail path

Janet Barrow says:

Here is a photo of a sinkhole that is 1230 feet from the proposed pipeline at MP 380. It dropped overnight—40′ wide and deep—several years ago.

Sinkhole 1230 feet proposed pipeline at MP 380

This is the biggest recent one on the ranch where I live, but there are others. MP 377 – MP 386 go through the ranch where I live. We don’t own it. My husband is manager. This is in Marion County. 29.094506, -82.405163.

The thing is, I know a lot about this land, and very few others know anything about it. It is Continue reading Marion County Sinkhole on Sabal Trail path

The fracked methane bridge isn’t short enough or safe enough: go renewable energy –Lori McCraney in Suwannee Democrat

A local citizen asks her County Commission to represent its citizens, not a pipeline company from somewhere else, in an op-ed in the Suwannee County newspaper today.

Lori McCraney, Suwannee Democrat, 24 December 2015, Opinion: Suwannee County commissioners lack resolve against Sabal Trail,

Proponents have touted the safety of the Sabal Trail pipeline. This belies the fact that Spectra Energy, the parent of Sabal Trail, has one of the worst safety records in the industry. See for links to numerous articles regarding Spectra’s safety record.

According to Alan Lambeth, director of engineering design for Spectra Energy, Sabal Trail will use the thinnest pipe allowed Continue reading The fracked methane bridge isn’t short enough or safe enough: go renewable energy –Lori McCraney in Suwannee Democrat

We were told to shut up or quit –Spectra Energy whistleblowers

Even Spectra workers sometimes develop a conscience. These whistleblowers are not the first, and thirty years of Spectra’s sordid safety record agrees with them. Tonight you can help stop Spectra from drilling under the Suwannee River in Florida, and that will help stop Spectra in Burrillville, Rhode Island.

Steve Ahlquist, RI, 30 November 2015, Former inspectors allege safety issues with Spectra pipeline project,

Two safety inspectors who worked on Spectra Energy’s proposed methane gas pipeline that will cut through Burrillville, RI, say the company cut corners when it came to project, worker and environmental safety.

“Right now, what they’re hoping to do, is they’re hoping to slam all this through, and then at the end ask for forgiveness,” said one of the former inspectors. “Oops, sorry about that, I didn’t know, let me write you a check. Because once this thing’s turning meter, they’re going to be making millions of dollars a day. It doesn’t matter what your problems are…”

The other added, “We were told to shut the fuck up or quit.”

Both men, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, were subcontracted by Spectra and both were Continue reading We were told to shut up or quit –Spectra Energy whistleblowers

Sabal Trail is a reckless proposal –GA State Senator Sims to FERC

Sabal Trail targets those most vulnerable, the “elderly, disabled and without monetary or political means to “fight” such an environmentally intrusive plan.”

Filed with FERC 23 October 2015 as Accession Number 20151023-5278, “Comment of Senator Freddie Powell Sims under CP15-17”:

District 12
110-A State Capitol
Atlanta. Georgia 30334
Phone: (404) 463-5259
Fax: (404) 463-2279


Interstate Cooperation, Vice-Chairman
Education and Youth, Secretary
Natural Resources and the Environment

The State Senate

Atlanta, Georgia 30334

October 20, 2015

Letter to FERC Kimberly D. Bose
Federal Energy Regulation Commission
888 First Street, N.E.
Washingtun, DC 20426

Dear Ms. Bose:

As State Senator for District 12 in the State of Georgia, I write this letter in opposition to the proposed Sabal Pipeline location in the populous area of Dougherty County / Albany, Georgia. The Sabal Pipeline proposed location is a “reckless” proposal that negates the health and safety of current and future residents of Dougherty County / Albany, Georgia. Many of the residents Continue reading Sabal Trail is a reckless proposal –GA State Senator Sims to FERC

Citizens oppose Sabal Trail in Albany, Moultrie, and Valdosta this week –WTOC, Albany, GA

Property rights, environment, health, and safety are why citizens oppose Sabal Trail, including tonight in Albany or Tuesday in Moultrie or Wednesday in Valdosta. Be sure to show up by 5:30 PM to sign up to speak.

Caitlyn Chastain, WTOC, 28 September 2015, Public meetings ahead for Sabal Trail Pipeline, starting today,

It’s a project that has gained a lot of attention and a lot of criticism.

Many people are concerned Continue reading Citizens oppose Sabal Trail in Albany, Moultrie, and Valdosta this week –WTOC, Albany, GA

Oppose Sabal Trail at FERC Albany, GA 2015-09-28

Rally against pipeline and compressor station September 28th, Monday 430pm at Albany Civic Center, sign up to speak at FERC hearing at 530pm, speak at FERC hearing starting at 6pm.

Please remember that scientific studies show that within one mile of a gas compressor station in New York, which is 1/4 the size of the one planned for Albany (meaning it will impact people within a 4 miles radius) , the following impacts on health were recorded:

  1. asthma, nosebleeds, headaches, and rashes
  2. elevated levels of formaldehyde, a carcinogen
  3. increased mortality rate of persons over 65
  4. double the risk of autism in expectant mothers in the third trimester

Some people think Continue reading Oppose Sabal Trail at FERC Albany, GA 2015-09-28