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Carol Singletary speaking at Lowndes County Commmission Meeting

Carol Singletary at Lowndes County Board of Commissioners 2013-10-22

Carol Singletary asked the Lowndes County Board of Commissioners to go on the record as being opposed to the Sabal Trail pipeline.

She reminded Lowndes County Board of Commissioners of their mission statement at the October 22, 2013 regular session meeting.

“To provide an efficient, effective and responsive local government to all citizens of Lowndes County while maintaining the financial strength to meet any contingency”
She told them about her interactions with Sabal Trail and implored them to work for the good of the citizens who elected them.
You have a way to help the citizens of Lowndes County. … If you go on record saying you don’t have any impact, where does that leave us?

See Carol at the meeting:


Every voice counts.

We returned from the Lowndes county commissioners meeting October 22nd. I requested that they formally announce that they are against the proposed pipeline. Provided them a Georgia statue that they could use to file their concerns and protest against the route of the proposed pipeline. I was advised that this would be investigated. I am very hopeful that our county commissioners will act. There were a few very concerned citizens who attended the meeting tonight. I am encouraging everyone to become involved. Every voice counts.

Please visit the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and file a comment to register your objection to the pipeline. I suggest you also object to the heavy handed way Sabal Trail is threatening property owners with Eminent Domain.

Do not sign anything given to you by the pipeline companies. Do not be BULLIED.

I would love to have an event Continue reading Every voice counts.