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Four hours of overwhelming public opposition shrugged off by Sabal Trail and FERC in Albany, GA

FERC’s reps said their five Commissioners would decide in about a year, and Sabal Trail said they’d tune details and “educate the public” about the alleged “need” and “jobs” and “environmental safety” of their yard-wide fracked methane pipeline gouged through a hundred-foot right of way plus a compressor station. The public wasn’t having any of that in Albany, Georgia yesterday.

Update 30 Sep 2014: But that very same day, FERC rubberstamped Cove Point LNG in Maryland after “more than 140 speakers at three public meetings related to the Environmental Assessment and received more than 650 comments”, and that’s what we’re going to get with Sabal Trail, unless our elected and appointed officials go beyond talk and pass binding ordinances, deny permits, and countersue.