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USA Today – Gas Pipeline Companies Feel the Heat of Opposition

As reported in mainstream media outlet USA Today, opposition to LNG pipelines is causing the natural gas pipeline industry headaches.

Industry executives say they need additional laws to allow them to gouge pipelines across our water and property so that they may export their gas to other countries solely profiting their industry.   There is no public necessity and/or need for these pipelines.

To quote Diane Leopold, the president of Dominion Energy, Continue reading USA Today – Gas Pipeline Companies Feel the Heat of Opposition

Duke Energy buys into Sabal Trail

Are Spectra and FPL running short on money so they have to take on a new investor? Has the opposition cost them $225 million already?

The AP story includes two misconceptions. After protests continuing into this year, a criminal trespass lawsuit against Sabal Trail, and multiple parties filing amicus briefs, this is all AP remembers:

The pipeline drew protests from southwest Georgia residents last year, who said they do not want a pollution-emitting compression station near their homes.

And despite Sabal Trail’s continued failure to demonstrate need, AP repeats this old canard:

Currently there are only two major pipelines that deliver natural gas to Florida. Both are nearing capacity.

Not if the Sunshine State gets on with solar power, like even the most corrupt state (Georgia) is doing.

Interestingly, there’s no press release from any of Sabal Trail, Spectra, NextEra, or FPL about this, but there’s this obviously slanted Duke Energy PR, 5 May 2015, Duke Energy buys 7.5% of previously announced Sabal Trail pipeline that will meet growing need for natural gas in Southeast U.S., Continue reading Duke Energy buys into Sabal Trail