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I’d go ahead and let the gas go into the global market. –T. Boone Pickens

The co-founder of the company building the LNG facility at Jaxport is all for exporting natural gas, even if it means rising domestic prices.

Remember T. Boone Pickens is a co-founder of Clean Energy Co.? Paul Toscano wrote for CNBC 15 May 2013, Boone Pickens on Gas Exports: ‘Move It Out and Sell It’,

“The producers have gone out and drilled for the natural gas. They should be entitled to get the best markets in the world, so let them have it,” Continue reading I’d go ahead and let the gas go into the global market. –T. Boone Pickens

LNG export port at Jacksonville?

Why are Jaxport tenants buying LNG ships and a company that already has an LNG export license? And why is Jaxport so interested in becoming a major player in natural gas? All reports agree this liquid natural gas (LNG) facility is for supplying methane-fueled trucks and buses, and some say its gas will come from a pipeline. But are trucks and buses really the only destination for that pipelined gas, or is it also intended for export, as the U.S. House subcommittee chaired by Ted Poe of Houston (home of Spectra Energy) recently advocated at great length?

Timothy Gibbons wrote for Jacksonville Busines Journal 31 October 2013, LNG plant puts Jacksonville at head of ‘tsunami’ of alternative fuel growth, Continue reading LNG export port at Jacksonville?