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Giant fireball from 4-inch pipeline in Gilchrist County, FL 2012-06-27

The proposed 36-inch Sabal Trail pipeline next to that old FGT line would have 81 times as much gas; maybe more, since it’s apparently also higher pressure.

Gainesville.com staff reported 27 June 2013, Ruptured gas line explodes in Gilchrist,

A high-pressure natural gas pipeline exploded into a gigantic fireball and 30-foot-high flames in Gilchrist County on Tuesday night after a tree fell and ruptured the line, authorities said.

The tree also took down a power line, which officials said likely ignited the escaping gas.

Gainesville Fire Rescue’s Haz-Mat team and district chief responded to the scene in Bell at around 6:30 p.m. to assist Gilchrist County units.

An emergency crew from the natural gas company helped the rescue units find and secure a shut-off valve for the 4-inch line. The crews stood by while the residual gas burned off.

Gainesville.com posted video from Gainesville Fire and Rescue. It’s quite impressive, and unfortunately unembeddable, so follow the link to see it.

WCBJ TV reported 27 June 2012, Gas Line Explosion Lights up Road, Continue reading Giant fireball from 4-inch pipeline in Gilchrist County, FL 2012-06-27

A fourth Florida LNG export request: Strom, Inc. from Starke, FL

Still time to object to this fourth company filing to export Sabal Trail fracked methane, adding to the three already authorized. FERC knew about this Strom LNG export request before the last three FERC Scoping Meetings, and never told us. This fourth LNG export operation will affect both the Santa Fe River watershed and the St Johns River watershed.

Strom, Inc. filed LNG export authorization requests with U.S. DoE’s Office of Fossil Energy (FE) 18 April 2014, all still being considered, all for liquifying in Starke, Bradford County, Florida, all for 25 years, and all explicitly saying they want to use Sabal Trail fracked methane.

In FE’s list of 2014 – LNG Export, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Re-Exports & Long Term Natural Gas Applications: Continue reading A fourth Florida LNG export request: Strom, Inc. from Starke, FL

Does FERC ever question the honesty and integrity of companies such as Sabal? –Sandra Slack

Filed with FERC 11 April 2014. -jsq

When this project process first began, Florida newspapers, such as the ones in Martin County, Gainesville, Ocala, and others, ran the story with a map of the proposed pipeline, from FPL, plainly showing the route running from Alabama straight to Florida completely bypassing Georgia. The now “preferred” route runs approximately 156 miles, or more through Georgia. Sabal has not been forthcoming, even in their Resource Report 10, as to the reason for the change. Has there been any encouragement from any governmental entity, State or Federal, for Sabal to reroute this pipeline through the state of Georgia? If yes, which entity and why? If no, why did FERC allow Sabal to change routes? Cost would be an invalid answer.

In August and September of 2013, landowners who previously had not agreed to allow Sabal personnel onto their property began receiving letters first from Sabal and then from the law firm of Hunton & Williams of Atlanta, Ga., on behalf of Sabal, using intimidating and Continue reading Does FERC ever question the honesty and integrity of companies such as Sabal? –Sandra Slack

Sabal Trail at worst spot –expert in Gainesville Sun

Florida newspaper reporters are not buying the pipeline company’s spin. Instead they write about the fragile limestone that holds our drinking water in the Floridan Aquifer, damage to which can easily turn a spring into a sinkhole. Wednesday, the Orlando Sentinel about Spectra’s safety record, and today Morgan Watkins wrote for the Gainesville Sun, Expert: Pipeline would cross Santa Fe at the worst spot,

Standing along the bank of the Santa Fe River near the riverside house in southern Suwannee County his family has owned since 1967, Kevin Brown pointed to the spot where a natural gas pipeline is expected to cross underneath the ground.

But Brown’s brother David, a geologist, and other concerned folks hope to persuade the company leading the project to select what they consider a safer crossing point….

The river and the surrounding area is pockmarked with springs and sinkholes. Exposed limestone — a crumbly, fractured rock — Continue reading Sabal Trail at worst spot –expert in Gainesville Sun

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and LNG exports

The same U.S. House subcommittee that wants to export liquid natural gas is pushing the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The two subcommittee members are from Alabama and Florida represent counties in the paths of two Spectra methane pipelines.

Ted Poe (R TX-02) of Houston, Chairman of the SUBCOMMITTEE ON TERRORISM, NONPROLIFERATION, AND TRADE of the COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN AFFAIRS, HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES spelled out the connection to natural gas in the panel discussion for the hearing on The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Outlook and Opportunities,

Hopefully, we will change that and become an exporter, especially of natural gas.

This meshes with his remark hearing on natural gas exports:

The Department of Energy has not approved an application to export to a country we don’t have a Free Trade Agreement with in 2 years.

Presumably he meant FERC, which bills itself as an independent agency. The point remains the same: Chairman Poe wants more free trade agreements for more LNG exports. In his opening statement to the TPP hearing he spelled out that he considers the Trans-Pacific Partnership to be a free trade agreement: Continue reading The Trans-Pacific Partnership and LNG exports

Where are the dates, locations, and times posted? –Our Santa Fe River to FERC

Filed with FERC 26 November 2013:

Our Santa Fe River, Inc., not for profit 501(c)(3), Fort White, FL.

Many residents here in north central Florida do not know about the FERC meetings scheduled to take place starting next week. Aren’t they supposed to be posted in a newspaper in advance of the meeting dates? Residents here use the following publciations: Lake City Journal, Lake City Reporter, Suwannee Democrat, Gilchrist County Journal and Gainesville Sun. Where are the dates, locations and times posted?

How to comment with FERC.


House subcommittee wants to export gas

Is this what that proposed pipeline is really for, exporting gas for profit of gas company executives at the cost of our local land? Rep. Ted Yoho (R FL-03) of north Florida is on this House subcommittee.


Opening statement by Chairman Ted Poe (R TX-02) of Houston:

Five years ago, companies were building terminals to import natural gas at the cost of billions of dollars because analysts agreed that the United States’ economy was going to need natural gas from overseas. Today, that scenario has changed 180 percent. Import terminals lie dormant. The Department of Energy has 19 applications waiting to get permission to export natural gas. Thanks to breakthroughs, the United States’ natural gas reserves have climbed 72 percent since 2000 and 49 percent since 2005. The amount of natural gas that is technically recoverable in the United States is 97 times greater than all of the natural gas we consumed in 2011. In plain terms, this means we have an abundance of natural gas that we are not using. It is just sitting there, and this is really not smart policy, or smart business.

Rep. Ted Poe (R TX-02)

A big reason why is Continue reading House subcommittee wants to export gas