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FERC elibrary broken?

FERC can’t take the heat of the hundreds of recent ecomments opposing Sabal Trail? FERC’s elibrary seems to be broken. What are you spending all those fees and charges on, FERC? Apparently not technical support.

Update 2015-07-24: What he wrote: This pipeline is a soft target that has inadequate security measures.

Trying to look at Roger Marietta’s FERC submission of today, I get:

IDM exception error ‘8004fec8’

Logon failed.

/IDMWS/NVcommon/FNSessionStart.asp, line 42

In case FERC gets its act together, that’s Accession Number: 20150724-5034, “Comment of Roger B. Marietta in Docket(s)/Project(s) CP15-17-000 Submission Date: 7/24/2015”.

This is not the first time FERC has had this error. Also Continue reading FERC elibrary broken?