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Gilchrist County to hold pipeline meeting in February

One Florida county is taking the Sabal Trail pipeline proposal seriously, maybe because there are no fewer than three paths for the pipeline into Gilchrist County, Florida, all three crossing the Santa Fe River, and one first crossing the Ichetucknee River.

In his article about Glynn Bryan, Terry Witt wrote for Levy County Journal (undated), Bronson Area Property Owner Says Gas Pipeline Just an Atom Bomb,

Gilchrist County Administrator Bobby Crosby said the Gilchrist County Commission is planning for a February public meeting with Sabal Trail officials to answer questions about the pipeline.

Crosby said there are two proposed routes through Gilchrist County and rumors of a third route. He said he has been unable to get answers from Sabal Trail officials, but they are willing to answer questions from the public at the meeting.

“We’re kind of in the dark,” he said. “There’s nothing definite. I can’t get an answer from Sabal Trail.”

Sabal Trail’s preferred route has nine detail maps for Gilchrist County: crossing the Santa Fe River to enter the county, Duck Pond, Bell Quad, Cow Creek, Ginnie Spring, Neals, Waters Lake Quad, Union Church, and Newbury SW Quad, where it crosses into Alachua County.

Plus Sabal Trail’s alternate route maps include Gilchrist Westerly Deviation and Ichetucknee River Deviation: Continue reading Gilchrist County to hold pipeline meeting in February

We can survive without gas, but not without water. –Jane Hatker

FERC filing 20131230-4002 from a landowner in southeast Gilchrist County, Florida. -jsq

Note to:FERC Docket No. PF14-1-000
Note from:John Peconom, Environmental Project Manager
Date:December 30, 2013
Subject:Comments of Ms. Jane Hatker

I received the following comments regarding the Sabal Trail Project on December 26, 2013. Ms. Hatker’s address and phone number have been ommitted.

From: Jane Hatker [mailto:jhatker@hotmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, December 26, 2013 4:29 PM
To: John.Peconom@ferc.gov
Cc: merrilleeart@aol.com
Subject: Sable Trail Pipeline Concerns

Dear Mr. Peconom,

I met you and we spoke at length at Bell High School on December 5th at the open house regarding the proposed Sabal Trail Transmission pipeline route. To refresh your memory, I gave you a Google map showing our small pecan orchard that backed up to property where a 35 foot and quite deep sink hole formed. I also included pictures of the sink hole and proof that this was located no more than 2300 feet from the proposed pipeline route. This entire area is at high risk for rapid sink hole formations and it makes no sense to put a pipeline right through such an area simply to serve the interests of FPL.

At 62, I have lived in Florida for almost all of my adult life and have observed an enormous change in the amount and quality of our water Continue reading We can survive without gas, but not without water. –Jane Hatker