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Call your Senators against TPP today

Turn one vote and actual approval of TPP will fail, because the pro-LNG-export pro-fracking pro-pipeline Trans-Pacific Partnership got Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) in the U.S. Senate yesterday “by the narrowest margin in the legislative mechanism’s history, 60-37. The procedural measure required 60 votes to pass.” So it’s time to call Florida Senator Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio (who apparently didn’t even read it), Georgia Senator David Perdue who claimed he wanted transparency and Johnny Isakson who should represent the people of Georgia, and all the other Senators who voted for that corporate power grab.

The most likely votes to turn are the Democrats who voted for. Wenonah Hauter, Food & Water Watch, 23 June 2015, Blog Posts: Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP),

The 13 corporate trade backers included: Senators… Bill Nelson (D-Florida)….

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It seems that they just draw lines at random –James Ryder via Sen. Marco Rubio

Florida’s other Senator just intervened with FERC on behalf of a landowner who has been trying to get reasonable solutions out of Spectra Energy since at least December. Sabal Trail is trying to force their unnecessary pipeline through this Brooks County, Georgia property among others that already have a gas pipeline: this one also already has an FPL power line. Why should FPL get to deface anybody’s property for both a power line and a pipeline while destroying wetlands and trees? Why do we think this will be the last pipeline if it is allowed to go in? As the Ryders ask, “If this was your farm, how would you like it divided?” How about not at all?

Filed with FERC 6 June 2014 as Senator Marco Rubio submits comments re the Southeast Market Pipelines Project under PF14-1. Florida Senator Bill Nelson intervened on behalf of Amelia Longley back on 1 November 2013.

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