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FPL supports solar power without spending money on it –FPL to FERC

FPL doubled down on a need because it claims fracked methane is “clean”, in its FERC filing of 21 April 2014. FPL says it is “a strong supporter of solar power” even though it didn’t increase its solar capacity from 2010 to 2013 because of the lame baseload capacity excuse. FPL says it knows nothing about Export of Gas, even though Floridian LNG, located next to FPL’s Martin County “Clean Energy” Center right at the end of the Transco-Sabal-FSC pipeline, was approved for LNG export by the U.S. DoE Office Fossil Energy (FE) 14 November 2013, and Crowley Maritime’s Carib Energy was approved for export from Florida by FE 27 July 2011. And FPL says its ratepayers are not paying the costs of the pipeline, even though FPL VP of development and external affairs Pam Rauch argued in pring 29 July 2012 for a “Clean Energy” (fracked methane) Center at Cape Canaveral that was one of several mentioned by the Tampa Times 24 October 2014 as a reason for a new pipeline, and that same Pam Rauch filed PF14-2 with FERC for the Florida Southeast Connection (FSC) pipeline that connects from Sabal Trail to FPL’s “Clean Energy” Center in Martin County, next to Floridian LNG. FPL doesn’t seem to know what’s going on next to it, and maybe not what its own employees are doing. I hope EPA doesn’t consider the questions it filed with FERC the same day answered by this weak tea from FPL.

April 21, 2014
Ms. Kimberly D. Bose
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street, N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20426

Subject: Southeast Market Pipelines Project
Docket Nos. PF14-1-000, PF14-2-000, and PF14-6-000

Dear Ms. Bose:

Florida Power & Light Company (“FPL”) hereby submits these comments in response Continue reading FPL supports solar power without spending money on it –FPL to FERC

AARP against FPL rate hike for gas pipeline

Today is the last day to file legal protest against the Sabal Trail pipeline at the Florida PSC. AARP is already protesting FPL’s rate hikes for that pipeline all the way to the Supreme Court, for the health, safety, and financial security of AARP members; concerns that are just as valid along the whole path of that proposed pipeline as they are for FPL ratepayers in Florida.

Dr. Richard Swier wrote for watchdogwire.com 3 May 2013, AARP files brief in the Florida Supreme Court challenging the Florida Public Service Commission: Lawsuit involves FPL rate increase,

Attorney Jack L. McRay — representing the AARP — has filed a brief with the Florida Supreme Court asking the Court to remand the recent decision by the Florida Public Service Commission (Commission) to approval a “secret” settlement agreement between Florida Power & Light (FPL) and three other parties related to FPL’s March 2012 petition filed with the Commission to raise electric rates for some 4.1 million customers.

What are these rate increases for? Let’s go to the horse’s mouth, FPL VP of development and external affairs Pam Rauch, the same who filed PF14-2 at FERC for the connecting pipeline Florida Southeast Connection LLC (FSC), wrote in Florida Voices 29 July 2012, FPL Makes Its Case for Rate Increase, Continue reading AARP against FPL rate hike for gas pipeline