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Judge denies KMI appeal for Palmetto Pipeline

Yay Savannah Riverkeeper, Greenlaw, and Push Back the Pipeline! Kinder Morgan go home to Houston: you can’t even sell your Palmetto Project. And take Spectra’s Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline with you.

JoAnn Merrigan, WSAV3, 1 March 2016, Judge says NO to Kinder Morgan appeal on Palmetto Pipeline,

The Savannah Riverkeeper says score one for property rights in Georgia when it comes to the proposed Palmetto Pipeline and the possible use of eminent domain.

A Fulton County Superior Court judge today ruled against Kinder Morgan (the company planning the pipeline.)…

Now the Riverkeeper reports that “after months of deliberation however, the judge has disagreed and that Tuesday’s decision spells relief for Continue reading Judge denies KMI appeal for Palmetto Pipeline

U.S. rejects Keystone XL: next let’s stop Sabal Trail!

Thanks to Bill McKibben and everyone else who made that pipeline an international cause. Now let’s stop Spectra’s Sabal “Sinkhole” Trail and keep Kinder Morgan’s Palmetto pipeline denied. And let’s stop the Trans-Pacific Parternership (TPP) before it can produce more “free trade” countries for LNG export.

Coral Davenport, New York Times, 6 November 2015, Obama Rejects Construction of Keystone XL Oil Pipeline,

President Obama’s denial of the proposed 1,179-mile pipeline, which would have carried 800,000 barrels a day of carbon-heavy petroleum from the Canadian oil sands to the Gulf Coast, comes as he is seeking to build an ambitious legacy on climate change.

“The pipeline would not make a meaningful longterm contribution to our economy,” Mr. Obama said in remarks from the White House.

The move was made ahead of Continue reading U.S. rejects Keystone XL: next let’s stop Sabal Trail!