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LTE opposing GA-DNR giving away easements to Sabal Trail –FrK, WWALS, GA Sierra Club

And you can contact other GA-DNR board members, send them comments, or go to the meeting Wednesday morning 9AM in Atlanta. -jsq

Jeff Sinyard represents southwest Georgia on the Board of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. He is our voice on that very important and powerful Board.

Sabal Trail Pipeline needs easements granted by the DNR Board to pass under key southwest and south-central Georgia rivers and creeks. Elsewhere in Georgia, over to the east and on the coast, Governor Deal’s DOT recently blocked the use of eminent domain for a gas and diesel pipeline. The Governor Continue reading LTE opposing GA-DNR giving away easements to Sabal Trail –FrK, WWALS, GA Sierra Club

Kinder Morgan bolts from emergency planning meeting in Savannah

The world’s largest pipeline company ran away from a hint of public scrutiny, like FERC changed its commission meeting date to try to avoid protesters. Maybe… public opinion matters?

The pipeline companies are watching all the opposition. And the opposition is shadowing all the pipeline companies. Score one for the opposition! Plus plenty of opportunities coming up for more concerted opposition against any new fossil fuel tentacles through our countryside or under our rivers.

Mary Landers, Savannah Morning News, 16 September 2015, Kinder Morgan cancels ‘spotlight’ on Elba operations, Continue reading Kinder Morgan bolts from emergency planning meeting in Savannah

Meeting in Savannah about Elba Island LNG

Oppose one fossil fuel boondoggle; oppose them all. KMI also has applied for a FERC permit to build a pipeline from Suwannee County, FL to Jacksonville, which is gearing up for LNG export. That KMI application says Sabal Trail can connect if it wants to.

Coastal Group of the Georgia Sierra Club, on facebook, today, ATTEND THIS PUBLIC MEETING IF YOU CAN!

This will be our opportunity learn about Texas energy giant Kinder Morgan’s disaster plan for the proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal at Elba Island. If permitted to come online, 4 million metric tons of LNG would be processed by, and exported from, the facility annually—in close proximity to densely populated neighborhoods at the mouth of Savannah’s port. A worst-case event would be extremely destructive to lives, property, and the environment.

DATE: Wednesday, September 16, 10:00AM

LOCATION: Savannah Civic Center, 301 W Oglethorpe Ave, Savannah, GA 31401



Against Sabal Trail in Savannah 2015-05-21

Maybe Push Back the Pipeline can help convince Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and GDOT to oppose Sabal Trail like they successfully opposed the Palmetto pipeline. In Savannah Thursday May 21st a landowner affected by Sabal Trail and WWALS Watershed Coalition President John S. Quarterman will make the case at the Coastal Group of the Georgia Sierra Club. More details and background from WWALS, and see below about the event. All opponents of the Sabal Trail and Palmetto pipelines are invited.

Connect Savannah, today, (also on Push Back the Pipeline), Georgia’s Other Unwanted and Unneeded Pipeline,

When: Thu., May 21, 7 p.m.
Phone: 912-961-6190
Price: Free
Where: First Presbyterian Church
520 Washington Ave Savannah-Eastside

The Palmetto Pipeline is not the only pipeline project in Georgia Continue reading Against Sabal Trail in Savannah 2015-05-21

PR: SpectraBusters sends Outreach against Sabal Trail pipeline and for solar power to Rally in Tallahassee


Fort White, Florida — Maximizing her speaking skills, Laura Dailey resigned from the SpectraBusters Board to be unanimously appointed Director of Community Outreach & Speaker’s Bureau, with first stop speaking against the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline and for solar power in Tallahassee Wednesday March 18th at the Floridians for Clean Water & Amendment 1 Rally in Tallahassee.

Laura Dailey said, “Who here loves to paddle our rivers and hike our scenic trails? WE are the stewards of these wonders, and we stand dangerously close to losing them to a company from Houston, Texas. A company woefully undereducated about our pristine landscape, and fragile Karst terrain, and who, until they came here, had no idea that our springs heartland is the single largest source of fresh spring water on earth!”

Remembering her excellent questions at the Continue reading PR: SpectraBusters sends Outreach against Sabal Trail pipeline and for solar power to Rally in Tallahassee

Alabama Sierra Club Retreat talk against Sabal Trail

At the Alabama Sierra Club Retreat this weekend at Lakepoint State Park near Eufaula, I’ll be speaking and doing Q&A for an hour: 10AM Saturday 1 November 2014. If you’re anywhere near Eufaula, Alabama this weekend, I highly recommend coming to this retreat: it’s got lots of great talks and activities.

What do you important points do you think I should mention? What graphics can you send me to include in the slides? No rush: leaving Friday morning, so if you could get me your materials by tomorrow (Thursday), that would be great.

FYI, I will be talking about at least Continue reading Alabama Sierra Club Retreat talk against Sabal Trail

Climate Rally and EPA hearings Tuesday and Wednesday in Atlanta

EPA is holding public hearings on its proposed Clean Power Plan next week, 29-30 July 2014, in Atlanta. Maybe you want to mention shifting from coal to “natural” gas (fracked methane) actually may make matters worse here, with proposed pipelines like the hazardous 36-inch monsters Sabal Trail through south Georgia and Renaissance through north Georgia, on environmentally damaging hundred-foot rights of way through our fields, forests, wetlands, and under our rivers. so EPA needs to go further. You can also comment online until 16 October 2014 on Docket ID EPA-HQ-OAR-2013-0602. And you can express your opinion outside with Georgia Sierra Club at the Atlanta Climate Rally Tuesday at high noon. And remember, mercury in the Alapaha River probably comes from coal Plant Scherer, near Macon, Georgia.

While that proposed carbon rule may help clean up coal plants like Scherer, it says nothing about methane, which EPA says is Continue reading Climate Rally and EPA hearings Tuesday and Wednesday in Atlanta

Duke Energy doesn’t care whether Sabal Trail pipeline is ever built

Raining on Spectra’s pipeline parade, Duke Energy’s Citrus County power plant open house once again emphasized Duke doesn’t care if Spectra and FPL’s fracked methane pipeline is ever built. And it’s not just because of Duke’s power plant that natural gas prices may go up soon: Sabal Trail feeding methane to already-authorized LNG export operations in Florida would also push prices up. So why build that useless Sabal Trail boondoggle? Why build that Duke gas plant, for that matter; why not go straight to solar power in the Sunshine State?

Fred Hiers wrote for Ocala.com 14 July 2014, Utility will build plant with or without new pipeline, Continue reading Duke Energy doesn’t care whether Sabal Trail pipeline is ever built

Sabal Trail and FSC want FERC to avoid considering fracking

Of course FPL and Spectra don’t want FERC to look at fracking, but nothing in FERC’s own rules says it can’t, and a recent court case might be a precedent to get it to do so. Maybe Audubon Florida is discovering trying to tinker with pipeline routes is like signing up for the 1885 Berlin Conference that divided Africa by drawing lines on a map. Sierra Club Florida, Georgia, and Alabama already understand the only appropriate route for that fracked methane boondoggle is no route, with new power from the sun.

I’ve added a few links to these quotes from what Susan Salisbury wrote for the Palm Beach Post 5 May 2014, Fracking not an issue with pipeline for FPL’s plants, firms say, Continue reading Sabal Trail and FSC want FERC to avoid considering fracking

FERC has to consider cumulative pipeline effects

Would this U.S. Court of Appeals ruling mean FERC needs to consider the cumulative effects of the proposed Sabal Trail pipeline on the same properties as the existing SONAT pipeline? And what about those LNG export authorizations FERC has repeatedly claimed it knows nothing about? And how can FERC justify that project at all, given that solar power is faster, cheaper, and far less environmentally damaging?

Katie Colaneri wrote for NPR 6 June 2014, Court rules federal regulators must consider cumulative impacts of pipeline project,

Regulators violated federal law by not considering the cumulative environmental impacts of multiple upgrades to a natural gas pipeline that runs from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, a federal appeals court said on Friday.

Three environmental groups argued the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) should not have been allowed to conduct an environmental review for one expansion project on the Tennessee Gas Pipeline without considering three other proposed upgrades on the same line.

The U.S. Court of Appeals agreed.

The judges ruled that FERC failed “to include any meaningful analysis of the cumulative impacts of the upgrade projects.” The judges also found Continue reading FERC has to consider cumulative pipeline effects