Senator Bill Nelson directs FERC to respond

A Sumter County, Florida resident copied her U.S. Senators when she asked FERC to answer the questions Spectra won’t. Senator Bill Nelson directed FERC to answer.

Here’s the letter from Senator Bill Nelson to FERC:

NOV. 1.2013 1:37PM 4078727165 N0.4797 P. 2/4


United States Senate
WASHINGTON. DC 50510-0905
November 1, 2013

Mr. Chris Murray
Director, Division of Governmental Aflairs
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street, Northeast
Room I 1H
Washington, District of Columbia 20426

Dear Mr. Murray:

Senator Bill Nelson to FERC Please find enclosed correspondence I received from one of my constituents. It involves an important matter under the jurisdiction of your agency.

Your review and response to the issues raised would be greatly appreciated. Please send your correspondence directly to my office and reference Amelie Langley for our records. I look forward to a response at your earliest convenience and thank you in advance for your assistance with this matter.

[signed Bill Nelson]

United States Senator Bill Nelson, Landmark Two, 225 East Robinson Street, Suite 410, Orlando, Florida 32301
Telephone: (407) 872-7161, Toll-Free in Florida Only (888) 671-4091, Fax: (407) 872-7165


Here’s the letter from Amelia Longley of Center Hill, Sumter County, Florida to Senator Bill Nelson:

NOV. 1.2013 1:37PM 4078727165 4797 P- 3/4

October 23. 2013

Senator Bill Nelson
Landmark Two
225 E. Robinson St.
Suite 410
Orlando. FL. 32801

Dear Senator Nelson:

Amelia Longley to Senator Bill Nelson Please find enclosed a letter I have written to Ms. Kimberly D. Bass, Secretary of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

As you will read in the letter. I have some concerns regarding a natural gas pipeline that will be going through my property located at 4399 E. CR 48, Center Hill, Florida.

Any input you can have regarding my concerns would be greatly appreciated.

Very truly yours.


Amelia Longley
P.0. Box 73
Center Hill, FL
(352) 569-0488

Here’s the letter from Amelia Longley to FERC:

Amelia Longley to FERC

NOV. 1.2013 1:37PM 4078727165 N0.4797 P. 4/4

October 21, 2013

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20426

ATTN: Kimberly D. Bass, Secretary

Dear Ms. Bass:

I have recently been informed that there will be a natural gas pipeline installed through the State of Florida. On Wednesday, October 16, 2013, Sabal Trail Transmission had an informational meeting to answer questions regarding aspects of the project. Although Sabal’s representatives were very courteous, they could not answer any of my concerns.

As it turns out, the pipeline will clip the North/East corner of my property. I did talk to Jessica Harris the project manager on October 21, 2013, and addressed some of my concerns to her and was informed there would be a meeting in November or December where I might be able to meet with her.

I live about a half a mile from a limerock mine. They occasionally blast, and on Monday, October 14, 2013, they did some blasting that shook the house. How can I be assured that these blasting won’t weaken the pipe, or cause sink holes allowing the pipe to collapse into a fifty foot hole. Sinkholes are a big problem in Florida. I also explained to Ms. Harris that the front of my property where the pipeline would be is about twenty feet lower than where the pipe would be on the opposite side of my property and during rainy seasons there is a pond located there. Would that area be filled in? We also have a high iron content in our water, I have concerns about corrosion. There is an ingress/egress that will be unusable when construction starts. Myself and two other families would not have access to our homes.

I just read that there was an explosion in Oklahoma and residents within a two (2) miles radius were evacuated. With nuclear disasters, oil spills, and controlled fires that get out of control, it’s absolutely frightening to think that I am going to have to live every day in fear since the pipe will be approximately one thousand feet from my home.

A very concerned citizen,

Amelia Longley
P.O. Box 73
Center Hill, FL 33514

Cc: Senator Bill Nelson and Senator Marco Rubio

I added the links and images to all these letters. Here’s this item on FERC’s website.


3 thoughts on “Senator Bill Nelson directs FERC to respond

  1. The pipe line will go through Half Moon Wildlife Management Area. My property is directly adjacent to this Management Area that is managed by the FFWCC agency. The management consists of controlling the growth through the use of controlled fires that are set by the FFWCC agents. The entire Area is set on fire and allowed to burn until all of the ground growth is burned. A Spectra Surveyor was notified that this activity usually occurs in February. He also admitted to me that Spectra pipes can corrode and leak and stations can also have areas that leak the gas. Pipe Lines in or even near this area such as described here will create a disaster.

    In addition, I have a disability called Auditory Recruitment. The machinery that is used to excavate, etc. can emit sounds that can boil my blood to crisis levels and could kill me. I am 82 years old and can not tolerate the sounds emitted by those machines required to install those pipe.

    Another problem is the created sink hole activity that has been created on my property that is allowing the neighbor to continue the lowering of my land so that it can be available for the neighbor or neighbors to use as a water retention area for their diverted water through the use of a subsurface drainage system, I tried to stop the use of the sink hole operation and use of my property by the neighbors for that reason, but a judge stated that , as I have been told, I am old and going to die soon anyway and I wasn’t really using it and the neighbors needed a place in which to drain their water and elevate their lands above my property. I was forced into allowing the complete destruction of about 4 of my 5 acres against my will and without my consent. A railroad situation, etc, was arranged to force the theft and abuse of my land, Legal abuse of an elderly person was activated and completed.

    There are three very serious problems with having the pipe line anywhere near my 5 acre residence.

    I have no intention of leaving this earth soon.

    I want to join any group that is involved in preventing the pipe from entering their properties.

    Gertrude C. Dickinson 352 748 1988
    Please contact me.

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