Tomorrow morning: Spectra at Lowndes County Commission a month early

8:30 AM Monday 11 November 2013, 327 North Ashley Street, Valdosta, GA, according to the Lowndes County Commission Work Session agenda; Nevermind what the front page of the local newspaper of record said two weeks ago. Normally, faster would be better, but not as much if nobody knows about it.


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow morning: Spectra at Lowndes County Commission a month early

  1. Does anyone know if a Spectra rep was at the CC work session this morning? If so, will a rep be at the regular meeting tomorrow the 12th? If not and Dec. 9th work session is out, then it’s obvious the CC has thrown the pipeline opposition folks under the bus. I for one did not know about the “move up date” until this afternoon the 11th. Does anyone know if Dec. 16th in Clyattville is still on or are they (Spectra) going to “surprise” us again?

  2. Chairman apologized at the end of the meeting and said the pipeline presentation was supposed to be Dec 9th. After the meeting he talked for some time with Carol SIngletary, as did John Page and Demarcus Marshall. More later. -jsq

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