Respect the rights of citizens and landowners –Danielle Jordan to FERC

Filed with FERC 24 November 2013:

Danielle Jordan, Valdosta, GA.

The proposal to build a natural gas pipeline by Sabal Trail/Spectra Energy is unnecessary and, undoubtedly, not in the best interest of the citizens living along its path. Not only will the construction of this pipeline create safety issues and devalue the property of affected landowners, it also serves as an extension of the fracking industry responsible for contaminated groundwater in drilling areas. The externalized costs of the natural gas industry are far too detrimental to public health for this to be considered when the potential for solar power in our region remains largely untapped.

Furthermore, natural gas has been marketed as a clean alternative to coal, but it is rarely recognized that the amount of methane emitted during the extraction process outweighs the lower CO2 emissions of natural gas when burned. The claim that natural gas can somehow serve as a clean alternative energy source to coal is an invalid argument. We cannot afford to allow the fossil fuel industry to expand and exploit our environment when the price of solar has decreased at a rapid pace making the sustainable alternative both affordable and accessible.

Please respect the rights of citizens and landowners along the proposed path in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida by denying this project. The potential for solar energy is far too great for us to even consider assisting with the expansion of an industry thriving on a finite, unclean and unsafe resource. It is for these reasons and more that I respectfully ask that docket #PF14-1 not be approved.

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