Monstrous pipeline more than one can be compensated for –Dante Acevedo to FERC

Filed with FERC 15 January 2014:

Dante Acevedo, quitman, GA.

I am a resident of Brooks county in southern Georgia. My property is being intruded upon by Sabal Trail, a subsidiary of Spectra Energy. Since the pipeline is “open-access,” it will encourage industrial development, including natural gas extraction, which will drastically alter the rural character of the community where I have lived for nearly twenty years and my grandmother for nearly 50 years. As no one else can represent my interests in this matter, I am filing this motion to intervene. This is a tremendously dangerous endeavor since it is going through a rural area with many homes and livelihoods. The thought of such a monstrous pipeline with the potential to create massive destruction and death outside ones door is more than one can be compensated for.

Furthermore, this pipeline proposal seems to dismiss the fact that a pipe already exists transiting the Gulf on Mexico. This pipeline is going to carry gas to nearly the same destination as the gulf pipeline. So why is it that another parallel line through the Gulf wouldn’t be safer and far more ethically viable than a terrestrial pipeline that has the potential to devastate lives for generations to come.

Dante Acevedo

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