SpectraBusters, Inc. board: all three states along Sabal Trail Pipeline

Update 15 February 2014: Now six board members; see Board page.



Valdosta, January 16, 2014 —

SpectraBusters, Inc. has incorporated in Georgia with board members from all three states on the path of the proposed Sabal Trail Transmission methane pipeline: Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

The five SpectraBusters board members include directly affected landowners and members of a wide range of groups affected by the pipeline:

Beth Gordon, President, doesn’t want a 36-inch pipeline through her horse farm in Levy County, Florida, where she practices law with The Gordon Law Firm. She filed a legal protest with the Florida Public Service Commission against the pipeline and spoke against it at the Levy County Commission, noting this pipeline is much bigger than previous pipelines or those that blew up recently in Oklahoma or Texas, plus the company behind this pipeline has a long list of fines for PCB pollution by EPA and for property damage, leaks, and negligence by PHMSA.

Larry Rodgers, Treasurer, doesn’t want a hundred-foot right of way through his Pine Ridge Ranch in Lowndes County, Georgia, where it would lower property values and reduce usability of the property while introducing hazards. His attorney doesn’t think Sabal Trail can use Georgia law for eminent domain. He spoke against the pipeline at the Lowndes County Commission and on at least two television news reports.

Garrett Kizer is President of Environmental Awareness Organization of Auburn University (EAOAU) of Auburn University, Alabama. Alabama has to contend with not one but three Spectra pipelines: Sabal Trail, which is proposed to get its gas from Williams Transco’s Hillabee Extension Project that runs across Alabama, and the Renaissance Project which Spectra proposes to run from Tennessee through northeastern Alabama and north Georgia past Atlanta.

Danielle Jordan, Secretary, says research shows offshore wind could provide a third of the electricity Georgia needs and solar most of the rest, so there’s no need for a methane pipeline that doesn’t even serve Georgia anyway. She is President of Students Against Violating the Environment (S.A.V.E.), which recommends that Valdosta State University (VSU) in Valdosta, Georgia should divest from fossil fuels. She has filed a comment of protest against the pipeline with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and has protested both fossil fuels and this pipeline at more than one Sabal Trail event.

John S. Quarterman has 15 kilowatts of solar panels on his farm workshop roof where he grew up in Lowndes County, Georgia. Solar energy is already cheaper than any other power source; so cheap a judge in Minnesota recently ruled a power company had no excuse to use fracked "natural" gas instead of solar for power. That’s even more true here in the sunny south, where he has long promoted solar energy for energy and jobs right here where we need them. Quarterman is also Vice President of WWALS Watershed Coalition, Inc., which has filed as intervenor with FERC against the Sabal Trail pipeline.

SpectraBusters: We ain’t afraid a no pipeline!
Landowners and others opposed to the Sabal Trail gas pipeline through Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.


Garrett Kizer
Lee County, AL

Danielle Jordan
Lowndes Co., GA

Beth Gordon
Levy Co., FL


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