3 minutes a question at Gilchrist County Commission 20 Feb 2014

Seen this morning on Gilchrist County to hold pipeline meeting in February. -jsq

Gas Pipeline Alert: Next meeting scheduled with Gilchrist County Commission and Sabal Trails gas Transmission Pipeline is February 20, 2014, time certain, 5 pm. At the Gilchrist County Administration building in Trenton, FL. All citizens and concerned parties in this vicinity of the Santa Fe River are encouraged to come. This is a Q and A with the company. You will be allowed 3 minutes to ask your question. Please remember to fill out a speaking card when you enter the building.

Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson
Our Santa Fe River, Inc.

2 thoughts on “3 minutes a question at Gilchrist County Commission 20 Feb 2014

  1. Three minutes isn’t much, is it?

    Sabal Trail visited me, today. I was handed a map by a Senior Right of Way Agent out of Woodland, TX. Map shows the pipeline cutting diagonally across the SW corner of my woods. The scale is in kilometers, so I’m still trying to calculate how close it comes to my art studio and home. Just eyeballing it, the distance appears to be less than a quarter mile.

    Even if, theoretically, there were zero explosion threat, a mere leak could potentially ignite my woods and burn me out. No roads lead to my woods to facilitate firefighters. How will I ever get a homeowner insurance policy with that threat looming? Moreover, my woods connect to neighbors’ woods on the east and south because I’m a corner property that runs both directions.

    I’m getting ill over this… can’t eat, can’t sleep. Get this: Told the Agent that. He asked me if I was trying to say that I would like to see the pipeline re-routed? HUH? I was dumbfounded and asked him, “Are you seriously asking that question?” He said he would “make a note (about re-routing).”

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