Easement completely destroys any further use of this property –David C. Watkins, III to FERC

Filed with FERC 16 November 2013:

David C. Watkins, III, Valdosta, GA.

I am submitting my opposition to this pipeline. I own 2.09 acres of land in Lowndes County Ga. that was passed down from my Grandfather to my Father who then passed it down to me. We built our home on the north end of this lot and there is enough land left below the existing SONAT pipeline to build another home for our grandchildren or possibly a rental home for future supplemental income. There is already a septic tank and water supply line there for future use. Granting Sabal Trail/ Spectra an easement completely destroys any further use of this property. I am not interested in receiving fair market value for this strip of land because it will be a minimal amount but will not allow me to put any structure on this property.

Also I am very concerned about potential safety hazards. They do not have a good safety record. Also the first interaction that I had with them I was misled or lied to. I received a form requesting permission to come on my property for surveying. I called the contact number on the form to ask if they would be using the existing SONAT easement and was told “Absolutely”. Assuming that this was true I signed the form and sent it back in. Later I am told by the surveyors that they cannot share easements. On Monday 11/18/2013 I will be sending a form VIA registered mail that they are not to enter my property again.

I just do not understand why if they cannot use the existing easement why not go another route instead of taking property from the same property owners twice.

Respectfully Yours,
D.C. Watkins III

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