A Listening Session with Congressman Sanford Bishop

Received yesterday from one of the organizers. -jsq

A Listening Session
with Congressman Sanford Bishop

Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 10:00 AM
Room 100 of the Dougherty County Government Center
222 Pine Avenue
Albany, Georgia

Subject: Sabal Trail Transmission
Gas Pipeline Proposed Project

The session is being held to allow citizens to provide feedback and share concerns with the Congressman on the proposed Sabal Trail Transmission Gas Pipeline Project. This is a very significant concern for a variety of reasons, among them public safety, environmental and economic impact.

Congressman Bishop’s district covers most of the path of the proposed pipeline, making him a key ally in Congress to oppose the pipeline, if he can be convinced to do so. His official Congressional website, has a map of Georgia’s Second Congressional District, Candidate Bishop’s campaign website, and what it says about Environment and Energy:

Congressman Bishop believes that as part of a strong national defense and a healthy economy, we must give greater attention to our energy and environmental policies. Across the nation, we all feel the impact of higher energy costs. The results of this have been increased transportation, food and manufacturing prices that have become a persistent strain on our families and threaten the prosperity of our country.

That’s why Congressman Bishop supports initiatives that promote conservation and energy efficiency, utilize alternative energy sources, expand our domestic supplies of oil and natural gas, and above all, protect consumers.

Congressman Bishop has worked on issues from the Tired Creek Project (the construction of a 900-acre recreational fishing lake in Grady County),to flood protection and water security projects throughout the 2nd District. He also supports increasing domestic energy production and a reduction of our dependence on foreign oil.

Now that solar power is less expensive than any other energy source, solar power is a much better path to national defense and a healthy economy than natural gas or other stranded fossil fuel assets, especially better than a methane pipeline that doesn’t even supply Georgia, instead taking Georgians’ land and leaving us all hazards. Perhaps Rep. Bishop doesn’t know that Sabal Trail’s own numbers show solar is a better choice than their pipeline.

Here’s how to contact Rep. Bishop. Or send him a letter or call one of his offices:

Washington, DC
2429 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515-1002
Phone: (202) 225-3631
Fax: (202) 225-2203

Albany Office
235 West Roosevelt Ave, Albany Towers Suite 114
Albany, GA 31701
Phone: (229) 439-8067
Fax: (229) 436-2099

Columbus Office
18 Ninth Street Suite 201
Columbus, GA 31901
Phone: (706) 320-9477
Fax: (706) 320-9479

Macon Office
682 Cherry Street, City Hall Annex, Suite 302
Macon, GA 31201
Phone: (478) 803-2631
Fax: (478) 803-2637

Or write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, which is an excellent way to get the attention of any elected official.

Here are Rep. Bishop’s committees and voting record on govtrack.us. And here is a summary of his campaign finances on OpenSecrets.org. His top contributors are mostly from agriculture and food, not fossil fuel companies. Farmers don’t want this pipeline, as we have seen in Dougherty County and elsewhere.

The first video on the Voter’s Edge page for the GA-02 race this year is one I took four years ago. It demonstrates Rep. Bishop’s strong concern for the health of his constituents. Perhaps the health and safety record of Spectra Energy should be brought to his attention.


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