Duke Energy doesn’t need Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline

Even Duke Energy thinks the Sabal Trail pipeline is not necessary.

Pat Faherty wrote 30 May 2014 for the Citrus County Chronicle, Natural-gas plant not tied to pipeline completion (I added the images and links),

Construction of Duke Energy’s $1.5 billion power plant in Citrus County is not dependent on completion of the controversial Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline.

Duke filed a petition Tuesday with the Florida Public Service Commission for an affirmative determination of need for its Citrus County combined-cycle power plant.

That’s the same 27 May 2014 filing that was supposed to show Sabal Trail fueling Duke’s plant, but it shows something different. That Duke FL PSC filing does also include maps and details for its Suwannee County plant and its proposed Levy County Plant.

The Citrus County Chronicle article not only calls the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline project “controversial”, it pushes the date back:

The project, which faces opposition from some affected residents and environmental groups, could be operational by 2018.

2018 is later than Sabal Trail’s own FAQ says: “FPL has requested that the project begin to deliver natural gas by a May 2017 in-service date.”

So where would Duke get its fracked gas?

Duke has contracted with Sabal Trail for natural gas to supply the plant. However, Duke lists the existing Florida Gas Transmission pipeline as an option if Sabal Trail is delayed or curtailed.

That company expanded its presence in the county from 2008 to 2010. It was part of a project that added 46 miles of 36-inch pipeline to Citrus and Levy counties. The project included a compressor station in Lecanto.

“The Citrus County combined-cycle natural-gas plant is not dependent on the proposed Sabal Trail Transmission being approved and constructed,” said Duke Energy spokeswoman Heather Danenhower. “If the Sabal Trail Transmission pipeline is not approved and constructed, we would pursue natural gas transportation from existing providers in Florida.”

Watch out, Spectra and FPL! Duke’s bailing on your Sabal Trail boondoggle.


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  1. This is excellent! The more we can stall Sabal trail, the more likely the are to bail out of this project! They absolutely did. OT expect this level of resistance in GA & FL!

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