Answer the questions you promised –Former Florida Governor and U.S. Senator Bob Graham to FERC

Especially about that Hillabee route. Filed with FERC today. -jsq

Senator Bob Graham

United States Senate


July 21, 2014

Mr. Philip D. _Moeller
Federal Energy_Regulatory Commission
888 First Street, N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20426

RE: Sabal Pipeline PF14—1

Dear Commissioner Moeller,

As a shareholder of The Graham Companies, the owner of The Graham Angus Farm in Albany Georgia, I have been following with interest Sabal’s plans for a pipeline that as currently proposed would bisect our farm. Dinorah Hall, organizer of the Kiokee-Flint group (of which I am a member) shared with the community that she enjoyed a productive meeting with you at the Commission’s headquarters two months ago and that the Commission is open to receiving additional information about the pipeline certificate process. Thus, I am writing to follow-up on Ms. Hall’s meeting and provide an update on recent developments_in the Sabal Pipeiine proceedlng.

As you may recall, Ms. Hall asked for additional assistance in obtaining field data from Sabal supporting its preferred alternative routes as well as a considered response to the route alternatives submitted by the Kiokee-Flint Group. Unfortunately, nearly two months have passed since Ms. Hall’s meeting, and Sabal has provided only minimal information.

For example, a recent filing by Sabal on July 9, 2014 ( Access No. 20140709- 5018) indicates that Sabal is “presently considering various reroute alternatives that may either avoid or lessen the impacts to some of the Kiokee-Flint landowners, the Graham Properties.” Yet Sabal has not discussed any of these options with landowners.

In addition, notwithstanding that Kiokee-Flint retained an expert to identify and prepare five viable route alternatives, Sabal has yet to provide a formal response or assessment of our alternatives. Moreover, Sabal has also ruled out somewhat favorable alternatives that would have fewer impacts such as the Eastern Alternative, referred to as the Hillabee route by Sabal. The Eastern Alternative offers numerous advantages. It collocates with an existing utility corridor for the entire length of the segment and would only increase the pipeline length by 7.04 miles.

At a minimum, I would like FERC to independently evaluate and verify the Eastern route alternative through a site visit with members of the Kiokee-Flint Group. I also ask that FERC disclose, or require Sabal to disclose, all field data collected for the alternative routes. Finally, I would like copies of the FERC Merjent Environmental Team Reports. By providing landowners access to this information, we can independently evaluate the alternatives and file comments in a timely manner to avoid a protracted proceeding.

I appreciate your help and support on this matter.


Bob Graham

Copy: Acting Chairman Cheryl A. LaFleur
Commissioner John R. Norris
Commissioner John R. Norris
Commissioner Tony Clark


The EPA has said any EIA for Williams Company’s Constitution Pipeline through Pennsylvania would be insufficient without considering an interstate highway option, and that’s what the Hillabee Route appears to be from Tifton through Valdosta. It’s hard to be sure, of course, because of Sabal Trail’s vague maps on anything but its preferred alternative. Which is why the other alternatives need to be seriously considered.

Here’s my proposed alternative again: move it into the Gulf and then cancel it.


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