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Alabama Sierra Club Retreat talk against Sabal Trail

At the Alabama Sierra Club Retreat this weekend at Lakepoint State Park near Eufaula, I’ll be speaking and doing Q&A for an hour: 10AM Saturday 1 November 2014. If you’re anywhere near Eufaula, Alabama this weekend, I highly recommend coming to this retreat: it’s got lots of great talks and activities.

What do you important points do you think I should mention? What graphics can you send me to include in the slides? No rush: leaving Friday morning, so if you could get me your materials by tomorrow (Thursday), that would be great.

FYI, I will be talking about at least Continue reading Alabama Sierra Club Retreat talk against Sabal Trail

Halloween Protest Against Sabal Trail in Valdosta, GA

Facebook event by Dr. Michael Noll:

Friday at 4:00pm – 5:00 pm
2110 N Patterson Street

Zombies, monsters, ghosts, and inhuman pipelines join forces to STOP Sabal Trail Pipeline!

That’s in Valdosta, Georgia, in front of the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline office.


Sabal Trail PR countered by actual information in the Suwannee Democrat

On the same day, the Suwannee Democrat posted a fluff piece from a PR firm for Sabal Trail and actual reporting from the recent Open House in Jasper, FL that gives some answers Sabal Trail did not. They’re both well worth reading, the first for its absolute certainty of safety, cleanliness, and no export, and the second for its actual evidence of hazards, record of safety failures, and already-authorized LNG export operations. Oh, and Ms. Grover admitting route changes (caused by objections) blew her end-of-October filing date. The second for opponents attempting to get answers from Sabal Trail and having to get them from other protesters who have done the research Sabal Trail denies can be done. The “epitome of ignorance and greed” indeed. Please go read. Continue reading Sabal Trail PR countered by actual information in the Suwannee Democrat

Dougherty County passed a resolution against the Sabal Trail pipeline

Sabal Trail has not met its burden of proof of need, and its pipeline would be hazardous to environment and safety, resolved the Dougherty County Commission Monday. And now news media call it the “the pipeline fight” and the “controversial pipeline”. Visitors to Albany tell me people now bring up the pipeline unprompted in conversation. Last week’s very bad media week for Sabal Trail continues to get worse this week.

Franklin White, WFXL, 27 October 2014, Another step in the pipeline fight,

Officials say in the past year they’ve written four letters to Sabal Trails on behalf of Dougherty County citizens and businesses.

They say after the September meeting when Sabal Trail officials came to Dougherty County to explain why they chose SWGA to build the pipeline, County Commissioners found pipeline would do more harm than good.

Dougherty County Attorney Spencer Lee says, “they found there is no need for it and it’s likely to harm the environment and our socio-economic and culture activities.”

Continue reading Dougherty County passed a resolution against the Sabal Trail pipeline

Lack of need, false pretense, and duress: FERC omitted page 3 from Bill Kendall’s letter

It’s integrated into the previous post now. It’s well worth reading.

See also Bill and Nanci Kendall quoted in the VDT with protest signs.


Giant fireball from 4-inch pipeline in Gilchrist County, FL 2012-06-27

The proposed 36-inch Sabal Trail pipeline next to that old FGT line would have 81 times as much gas; maybe more, since it’s apparently also higher pressure. staff reported 27 June 2013, Ruptured gas line explodes in Gilchrist,

A high-pressure natural gas pipeline exploded into a gigantic fireball and 30-foot-high flames in Gilchrist County on Tuesday night after a tree fell and ruptured the line, authorities said.

The tree also took down a power line, which officials said likely ignited the escaping gas.

Gainesville Fire Rescue’s Haz-Mat team and district chief responded to the scene in Bell at around 6:30 p.m. to assist Gilchrist County units.

An emergency crew from the natural gas company helped the rescue units find and secure a shut-off valve for the 4-inch line. The crews stood by while the residual gas burned off. posted video from Gainesville Fire and Rescue. It’s quite impressive, and unfortunately unembeddable, so follow the link to see it.

WCBJ TV reported 27 June 2012, Gas Line Explosion Lights up Road, Continue reading Giant fireball from 4-inch pipeline in Gilchrist County, FL 2012-06-27

Sabal Trail surveyed without permission –Beth Gordon on WCBJ TV

Beth Gordon told a Gainesville, FL TV reporter 1500 feet from her home is still too close for the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline. And since they moved it off her property, they won’t entertain any compensation. Same for you, if a pipeline blows up in your county or state like one did in neighboring Gilchrist County, Florida in 2012: you get no compensation, but your taxes may have to pay for emergency responders, hospitals, etc.

Jesse Pagan reported Wednesday 22 October 2014 for WCJB TV, Natural Gas Pipeline Concerns, Levy County,

“It would destroy the whole way of life here in Levy County.”

“I never gave them permission, yet I came home one day and they’d cut into my locked gate. I don’t know how they did it. I think they climbed over my fence. There were surveyor stakes all over my property.

First they wanted to put it on my property. Now they’ve moved it onto the farm next door.

The reporter said that’s about 1500 feet from her property, “Too close for her comfort.”

“And because the property isn’t physically right on our property, they will not entertain payment for it.

The reporter mentioned her petition to the Florida Public Service Commission (FL-PSC) Continue reading Sabal Trail surveyed without permission –Beth Gordon on WCBJ TV

Sabal Trail on Dirty Dozen and Flint River

Second day in a row, the Albany Herald covered the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline making the Georgia Water Coalition Dirty Dozen list. The Flint River would be affected just like the Withlacoochee River, and in Florida the Suwannee River and the Santa Fe River are in the same karst limestone that contains our drinking water in south Georgia and Florida in the Floridan Aquifer. These newspaper articles follow two previous Albany ones, a couple of Valdosta ones, and local, state, and national TV and newspaper coverage of protests and opposition to Spectra’s hazardous boondoggle. Sabal Trail’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad PR week continues….

Jennifer Parks, Albany Herald, 22 October 2014, Proposed gas pipeline, Flint make Dirty Dozen list: Textile manufacturer pollution, state water policy issues cited as problems for Flint River, Continue reading Sabal Trail on Dirty Dozen and Flint River

March against Sabal Trail from VSU to Sabal Trail Valdosta office 2014-10-21

From VSU’s front lawn, marching up Patterson Street, Students Against Violating the Environment (S.A.V.E.) today. That’s first in 1,2,3 against Sabal Trail. They’re marching to #2, the protest in front of the Sabal Trail Valdosta office, followed by the Sabal Trail Open House in Jasper, FL, all today. Here’s S.A.V.E.’s facebook event And here’s S.A.V.E. president Adriana Taylor and former president Danielle Jordan protesting the pipeline in Leesburg, GA 10 July 2014:


Sabal pipeline protest today –VDT

You can march from VSU, go to this protest at the Sabal Trail office in Valdosta (facebook event), and onwards to 300x269 Tom Hochschild and two other protesters, in Protest against Sabal Trail Pipeline, by John S. Quarterman, 9 September 2014 the Sabal Trail Open House in Jasper, FL, all today.

Joe Adgie wrote for the VDT 21 October 2104, Sabal pipeline protest today,

VALDOSTA — Wiregrass Activists for Clean Energy will be protesting the proposed Sabal Trail Pipeline today.

The protest will be located on the corner of Park Avenue and Patterson Street from 4-5 p.m.

The VDT neglected to mention that that’s Sabal Trail’s Valdosta office address, which Sabal Trail opened back in December. Continue reading Sabal pipeline protest today –VDT