Albany, GA Resolution Against Sabal Trail Pipeline and Compressor 2014-10-28

The day after Dougherty County passed a resolution wanting Sabal Trail’s pipeline and compressor station out of the county and the state, its county seat Albany passed this resolution asking the same.

Here’s PDF and the text is below.

14-R 175


300x387 Resolution 14-R 175 by Albany, Georgia Mayor and Commissioners, in Albany Resolution Against Sabal Trail Pipeline, by City of Albany, for, 28 October 2014 WHEREAS, Spectra Energy, headquartered in the State of Texas, has proposed developing a 460 mile natural gas pipeline, a portion of which will traverse through Dougherty County, Georgia; and

WHEREAS, this project is typically referred to as SABAL TRAIL TRANSMISSION, LLC (hereinafter “Project”); and

WHEREAS, part of this Project is the installation of an extremely large compressor station, such that the citizens in Albany and Dougherty County will be adversely affected; and

WHEREAS, afier careful consideration, it is in the best interest of Albany that at the present time the Mayor and Board of Commissioners signify their opposition to such project,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Commissioners of the City of Albany, Georgia and it is hereby resolved by authority of same:

SECTION 1. It is clear to the City that Sabal has merely sought the shortest and most cost effective route for the pipeline, as opposed to taking into consideration the concerns set forth in this Resolution.

SECTION 2. As to the Project, the City has a major concern that the proposed compression station will be sited close to large wells of the City’s Utility Department.

SECTION 3. The City would also like to respond to the proposed compressor station by showing that the location of such station should be changed, and further the compressor should be electrically powered,

SECTION 4, Sabal has failed to present any evidence of the need to expand natural gas in this area. The City understands Sabal has failed to show that there are any definitive plans for natural gas service other than for the State of Florida,

SECTION 5. The position taken by Sabal that it is best to locate the pipeline near educational institutions, such as Sherwood Christian Academy, or Lamar Reese Elementary School and Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School, makes no sense. Further, the land area subject to Sabal’s proposed plan can best be described as one of solitude containing schools and single family homes.

300x387 Albany wholeheartedly endorses Dougherty Countys Resolution, in Albany Resolution Against Sabal Trail Pipeline, by City of Albany, for, 28 October 2014 SECTION 6. Sabal has failed to present any evidence that it has studied the complex ecosystem in the area of the proposed pipeline, which includes the only major river in the area, the Flint River, For another thing, it is clear Sabal has failed to take into consideration that the City’s Airport is in close proximity to the proposed site of the compressor station.

SECTION 7. The City of Albany respectfully requests that this Project at least be put on hold until it has been demonstrated that the concerns of Albany ”Dougherty County citizens have been fully evaluated; that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission re Docket # PF-14-1 Sabal Trail Transmission LLC and Georgia Environmental Protection Division [Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC — Application # 22637] withhold regulatory approval of the Project; that at a bare minimum any approval be conditioned upon the compressor station being electrically powered as opposed to powered by natural gas.

SECTION 8. The Resolution passed yesterday by the Board of Commissioners of Dougherty County, a copy of which is attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference, describes many concerns with this Project. The Resolution describes in detail the burdens that this Project will impose on citizens of Albany/Dougherty County and the Mayor and Board of Commissioners of the City of Albany wholeheartedly endorse the Resolution.

SECTION 9. Let the City Clerk furnish certified copies of this Resolution to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Georgia Environmental Protection Division.

SECTION 10. All resolutions, or parts of resolutions, in conflict herewith are repealed.

[signed: Dorothy Hubbard]

[signed: Sonja Tolbert]

Adopted: October 28, 2014

Introduced By Commissioner: John Howard
Date(s) read: Oct 28, 2014

I do hereby certify that this
is a true and correct copy.
[signed: Sonja Tolbert 10/30/14]
City Clerk Date
Albany. GA


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