Florida Gas Transmission intervenes in Sabal Trail CP15-17

How simple a motion to intevene can be: organization name, contacts, and Basis for Intervening. Filing to intervene gets your foot in the door for any further filings or legal actions or participation in hearings. It does not require filing major legal documents at the outset (or ever). It does require filing your motion to intervene by 24 December 2014. It would be prudent not to wait until the last day: you never know when FERC’s efiling system might be down.

This motion to intervene is by Sabal Trail’s competitor Florida Gas Transmission, which is, according to Kinder Morgan:

The Florida Gas Transmission (FGT) pipeline is an approximately 5,500-mile system that transports natural gas from south Texas to south Florida. FGT is owned by Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC, a 100% owned subsidiary of Citrus Corp. Citrus Corp is a 50/50 joint venture between Kinder Morgan, Inc. (NYSE: KMI) and Energy Transfer.

FGT didn’t mention in this filing, but it knows sinkholes. Just a year ago FGT had to move its pipeline off of the famous 25-acre sinkhole in Assumption Parish, Louisiana.

Filed with FERC 9 December 2014 as Accession Number: 20141209-5136, “(doc-less) Motion to Intervene of Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC under CP15-17.”

Submission Description: (doc-less) Motion to Intervene of Florida

Gas Transmission Company, LLC under CP15-17-000.

Submission Date: 12/9/2014 2:21:00 PM

Filed Date: 12/9/2014 2:21:00 PM


CP15-17-000 Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC submits its Abbreviated Application for Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity and Related Authorizations for the Sabal Trail Project—Volumes I, III, and IV.

Filing Party/Contacts: Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC kevin.erwin@energytransfer.com michael.langston@energytransfer.com

Filing Party: Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC frazier.king@energytransfer.com stephen.veatch@energytransfer.com

Signer (Representative): Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC jmoriarty@lockelord.com

Other Contact (Principal): Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC tknight@lockelord.com

Basis for Intervening:

On November 21, 2014, Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC (“Sabal Trail”) filed an application under section 7(c) of the Natural Gas Act, requesting authorization to construct, own, and operate a new 500-mile natural gas pipeline system (Sabal Trail Project), including 209,900 horsepower at five compressor stations, metering and regulating stations, and appurtenant facilities in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Sabal Trail also requests a certificate of public convenience and necessity to acquire by lease from Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC (Transco) the incremental firm capacity that will be created by Transco’s proposed Hillabee Expansion Project (Docket No. CP15-16-000). Sabal Trail also requests a blanket certificate pursuant to Part 157, Subpart F of the Commission’s regulations, authorizing Sabal Trail to construct, operate, acquire and abandon certain facilities as described in Part 157, Subpart F, and a blanket certificate pursuant to Part 284, Subpart G of the Commission’s regulations, authorizing Sabal Trail to provide open-access firm and interruptible interstate natural gas transportation services on a self-implementing basis with pre-granted abandonment for such services.

The proposed Sabal Trail Project is associated with two other proposed pipeline projects which are all being reviewed by Commission Staff together under the heading, “Southeast Market Pipeline Project” (“SMP Project”). The SMP Project is comprised of three separate, but connected, natural gas transmission pipeline projects; the Sabal Trail Project in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida (CP15-17-000), the Florida Southeast Connection, LLC (“FSC”) Project (“FSC Project”) in Florida (CP14-554-000), and the Transco Hillabee Expansion Project (CP15-16-000) in Alabama.

Some of capacity proposed to be transported by the Sabal Trail project in association with the Transco Hillabee Expansion Project, is expected to be delivered into the FGT system at interconnects off Sabal Trail in Florida, and therefore FGT has a substantial interest in this proceeding that cannot be adequately represented by any other party and may be directly affected by Commission decisions herein. FGT is an interested party within the meaning of Section 15 of the NGA and Rule 214 of the Commission’s Rules, and its participation in this proceeding is in the public interest.


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