GA Gov. says state opposes KMI’s Palmetto Pipeline

Congratulations to Push Back the Pipeline for this victory!

Party in Waynesboro tonight! Georgia Governor Nathan Deal today said the state and GDOT oppose Kinder Morgan’s Palmetto Project, and will take it to the courts if necessary. Come to the GDOT Hearing in Waynesboro anyway, as a victory party. And if Georgia objects to KMI’s Palmetto pipeline, Georgia should object to Spectra’s Sabal Trail pipeline.

WRDW, 7 May 2015, Georgia’s Governor says the state is against pipeline project,

“We’re going to object from the state level and I think that process will then go to the courts for a judge to decide,” Gov. Deal said.

“We’ve been in consultation with the head of DOT and agreement that the state is going to disagree to that pipeline,” he said.

Since the whole point of the current Georgia pipeline permitting law is to limit pipelines, not to facilitate them, if GDOT denies a permit to KMI, the Palmetto Project is dead. Sure, KMI can sue the state, but it will lose.

Next: let’s see Nathan Deal say the same about Sabal Trail.


4 thoughts on “GA Gov. says state opposes KMI’s Palmetto Pipeline

  1. John,

    We want to feature next the Sabal Trail Pipeline on our blog and help you get this defeated. Georgia DOES NOT need any more pipelines. Once this gets out of hand, well, you know where this goes. Off-shore drilling needs to be stopped as well. Off-shore drilling would literally RUIN the entire Georgia coast.

    If only people in the entire country would realize that they have a voice……and that politicians actually will listen (whether they agree or not). People need to remember – there’s over 300 million of us and 535 of them. There’s power in numbers.

    So much legislation WOULD NOT be passed if people would come out in great numbers and SPEAK UP. But, as long as folks sit at home and wait for someone else to say something, corporations and government will bulldoze the very people who built this country.

  2. I agree it is going to take a lot of community involvement, the people of south Georgia must Stand Up now! So what will it take to motivate the people when so many have a could care less attitude or might be willing to go along with it if there is a dollar in it for them? I will Stand Up against Sabal Trail Transmission and try to encourage others to do the same.-apb

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