USA Today – Gas Pipeline Companies Feel the Heat of Opposition

As reported in mainstream media outlet USA Today, opposition to LNG pipelines is causing the natural gas pipeline industry headaches.

Industry executives say they need additional laws to allow them to gouge pipelines across our water and property so that they may export their gas to other countries solely profiting their industry.   There is no public necessity and/or need for these pipelines.

To quote Diane Leopold, the president of Dominion Energy, whose company is proposing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a  550-mile gas pipeline from West Virginia to Virginia and North Carolina.  Dominion just got final government approval to export liquefied natural gas from a plant in Maryland:

“We need more than good laws and regulations if important infrastructure projects are to get built,” said Leopold, who added she was speaking out to “give voice to an industry.”

“We in the natural gas industry need to speak clearly, speak effectively and — when necessary — speak loudly,” she added. “We need to make all stakeholders aware of how critical it is to our society that we move forward with growing and improving our natural gas infrastructure.”

No Diane,  what we the people need are laws to protect citizens from the onslaught of fracking and related gas and oil pipelines.  We the people need FERC to stop rubber stamping pipelines and other oil and gas industry related infrastructure projects.   We need to move to clean renewable energy sources and to stop subsidizing the oil/gas industry as well as the pipeline industry.

The people of Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, California and other states that have been fracked can attest to the damages to their water sources, property, health and environment caused by this industry gone wild.

We the people are making progress. Let us keep the momentum going.  We can stop these unnecessary and dangerous gas pipelines for exporting fracked gas to other countries.

USA Today story here:, U.S. natural gas projects face Keystone-like resistance, by Bill Loveless, 17 May 2015.


One thought on “USA Today – Gas Pipeline Companies Feel the Heat of Opposition

  1. The 1938 Gas Act needs to be rewritten to address the issue of compensation to landowners for underground natural gas storage. The Gas Act was written for pipelines ONLY and is illegally being used to grab private landowners and Native American land for underground natural gas storage. Gas companies make billions each year with absolutely zero compensation to private landowners. This criminal activity and violation of the Fifth Amendment needs to be stopped by new legislation for fair compensation to landowners this year!!

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