SpectraBusters Signs Global FrackDown Letter – Please Join Us

SpectraBusters has joined hundreds of other environmental, faith based, and conservative organizations in a Global FrackDown by signing an organizational letter addressing The 21st Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 21).  Also known as ” Paris 2015″  the climate change conference will take place in Paris from November 30 to December 11 2015.

The letter rightfully asks the consortium to “support a ban on fracking and related processes, both as national policy and toward international agreements, and to make explicit the need to maximize the amount of fossil fuels to be kept underground and unburned.”

Two facts addressed in this letter are:

  1. Fracked gas is not a viable candidate for a transitional energy source as we move to renewable energy sources for many very sensible reasons, including further climate and water damage and droughts – which are stated in the letter linked below.
  2. Fracked methane gas will, in the long run, do more damage to the climate via CO2 emissions surpassing the levels of oil and other fossil fuels. Leaks.  Gas pipelines, wells, containers leak. More in letter.

Read more in the Global Frackdown letter to COP21 and please consider having your organization or group join us and the world in signing.

~~ Debs


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