Spectra challenging fine for not protecting Western Toad

Does this help you believe Spectra’s promises to protect gopher tortoises while invading Georgia with its Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline?

Mike Carter, Alaska Highway News, 17 June 2015, Spectra challenges $28,000 fine for failing to protect Western Toad habitat,

Spectra Energy Transmission faces a $28,000 fine for allegedly failing to protect the habitat of the Western Toad while constructing its Transmission North Expansion project north of Moberly Lake, in the Beryl Prairie area near Butler Ridge Provincial Park.

According to National Energy Board (NEB) spokesperson Darin Barter, the company stands accused of failing to protect the toad’s habitat in accordance with the project’s application documents.

In a June 3 letter to the NEB, Spectra indicated that it would challenge the fine and has asked the NEB to review the penalty, which was issued on May 5.

“After reviewing this alleged violation, Spectra Energy asked the NEB to conduct a formal review of both the facts and penalty amount relating to this proposed infraction,” Jesse Semko, a communications advisor with Spectra, said in an email.

Spectra has declined to offer any further comment while the matter is under review.

This pipeline goes to Spectra’s negligent Westcoast Fort Nelson:

The Transmission North Expansion (T-North) began in August 2012 after receiving environmental approval.

It involves the construction of about 24 kilometres of 42-inch pipeline designed to transport sweet natural gas adjacent to the existing Westcoast Fort Nelson Mainline.

“There was a failure [by Spectra], in our assessment, to protect the Western Toad,” Barter told Alaska Highway News. “When they were doing work in that area they didn’t actually protect [the habitat] as they said they were going to do within their original application. Upon inspection we discovered it.”

What are Spectra’s promises worth?

Remember to comment to FERC about Sabal Trail and that Albany compressor station.

And remember to sign the Petition to Georgia Governor Nathan Deal: Oppose Sabal Trail like you oppose the Palmetto Pipeline.


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