Extend the Sabal Trail comment period for up to 90 days –Albany, GA to FERC

This is See also the Dougherty County Commission letter referenced in the WFXL news story. Remember, you can still ecomment to FERC and ask Governor Deal to oppose Sabal Trail like he opposes the Palmetto pipeline.

300x388 this newly proposed site is literally on top of one of the Citys independent wells, in Extend the Sabal Trail comment period for up to 90 days --Albany, GA to FERC, by City of Albany, Georgia, for SpectraBusters.org, 21 July 2015 Filed with FERC 21 July 2015 as Accession Number: 20150721-5039, “Comment of City of Albany responding to Sabal Trail’s letter dated July 16, 2015 under CP15-17.”

City of Albany
Albany, Georgia

DFFICE: 229.431.3244
FAX: 229.878.3198

DATE: July 20, 20l5


Honorable Secretary Kimberly Bose
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street, NE; Room 1A
Washington, DC 20426

Re: Southeast Market Pipelines Project/Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC/ Docket Numbers CP-15-17-000; CP14-16-000 and CP14-554-000 — COMMENT ON Sahal Trail Letter dated July 16th; filing #1738776

Dear Secretary Bose:

On behalf of Ward 4 City Commissioner Roger Marietta and the citizens of Ward 4, I herewith submit the following information for your consideration:

  1. Sabal Trail’s claim of no Environmental/Economic Justice Issue is not accurate. it is clear that the major impact of the Oakridge Compressor Station will be on minorities. Sabal Trail fails to acknowledge that the adjoining Mobile Home Park; the two residential subdivisions just north of the proposed site (Winterwood and lndian Creek) are predominately minorityr What is more, 73% African American reside in the voting precincts for this area
  2. Given that Mt. Zion Baptist Church, is located just east of the proposed site, and Robert Cross Middle School, a majority African American public school with a nearly 80% minority enrollment is just across the street from Indian Creek Subdivision and adjacent to Winterwood Subdivision, the proposed site would surely distort the usual functioning of these residential areas and the school.
  3. Because Sabal Trail does not contest, that this newly propose site is literally on top of one of the City’s independent wells, Site E is clearly a better choice for the people.
  4. Sabal Trail, in all its filings prior to June 18th failed to mention this new site. That should support (in the interest of fairness) extending the comment period for up to 90 days.

Dorothy B. Hubbard

Website: www.albany.ga.us

Email: dhubbard@albany.ga.us


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