Comment to GA-EPD on Sabal Trail air quality permit application by 2015-08-08

An air quality permit for the proposed Albany compressor station is one of many local and state permits FERC requires Sabal Trail to get. This is a big one, because no compressor station, no pipeline.

Roger Marietta remarks:

You can email Georgia EPD prior to August 8th GA EPD: re: application # 23350 (Air Quality Permit Application) focus on methane and other toxic gases leaking and being blown off during pressure releases and unburnt gases and CO2 from the continuously running compressor station power turbines. Ask for a public hearing as well.

Recommend you send more than one comment and focus on a different issue each time.

Copy on your ecomment to GA-EPD and we’ll probably blog it.

And don’t forget to call GA Governor Deal and sign the petition to him.

Do it now, or you may hear that compressor sound in your sleep.


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