Please call your GA state rep. today to keep Sabal Trail out

They’re voting today. Here’s who to call to ask to vote No on SR 954. And below is why. If you don’t live in Georgia, you probably know somebody who does: please ask them to call their GA state rep.

More solar jobs than in oil and gas extraction John S. Quarterman, Valdosta Daily Times, today, 22 March 2016, Still possible to keep Sabal Trail out,

After two years going to Sabal Trail open houses and FERC scoping meetings, filing e-comments, guiding them to the river crossings and a legal hearing in Jasper, FERC still tells us customers for Spectra Energy from Houston, Texas, constitute a need that outweighs local property rights, environmental destruction, and hazards to our Withlacoochee and Suwannee rivers and the Floridan Aquifer, and to taxes, life, and limb.

Yet Georgia is the fastest-growing U.S. solar market, while solar power deployed nationwide doubles every two years. Since 2015, the solar industry has more jobs than all of oil and gas extraction. Stanford Professor Mark Z. Jacobson’s research group’s detailed plans show how to power Georgia, Florida, and all 50 states on sun, wind, and water power and nothing else.

More solar jobs than in oil and gas extraction

There’s more in that op-ed and blog post about what and why.

Please call your Georgia state representative today and ask them to vote No on SR 954.


One thought on “Please call your GA state rep. today to keep Sabal Trail out

  1. Spectrabusters, please stay around. You will be needed again, perhaps by another
    name or with the success you have encouraged, by the same name.
    Thank you for the education and information on Sabal trail. Good work, well done.

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