SpectraBusters Allies cited as why Sabal Trail may fail

SpectraBusters allies were just called out by fossil fuel industry publication OilPrice, and by notorious financial blog Zerohedge, as reasons why Sabal Trail may lose.

Irina Slav, OilPrice, 31 March 2016, Gas Pipeline Uses 160 Eminent Domain Suits To Get Property In 3 States, picked up by “Tyler Durden”, Zerohedge.com, 1 April 2016,

Eminent domain is a tough pill to swallow for Americans who take their property rights very seriously, and the aggressive moves by Sabal Trail to seize property for a natural gas pipeline running through three southern states is turning into a drama of immense proportions.

The rest is the best story I’ve seen about Spectra suing landowners, the historic vote by the Georgia House against river easements for Sabal Trail, and many reasons Sabal Trail is far from inevitable, including blowback from Kinder Morgan suspending its Palmetto pipeline after an equally historic 18-month petroleum products pipeline moratorium imposed by the Georgia legislature.

The story concludes, starting with a link on groups to http://spectrabusters.org/allies/:

There are a lot of groups fighting the construction of the pipeline, and the Sabal Trail is likely to have a tough time getting the necessary right of way.

While it argues that the project will not only be safe but also economically beneficial for the three states, opponents counter with the danger of sinkholes and gas leaks, and question the economic benefits of the project. They also argue that solar power is a better alternative to gas.

While Kinder Morgan has thrown in the towel, Sabal Trail seems determined to hold fast, despite what is working out to be a situation in three states that suggests American landowners feel the balance between their rights to property, and big business may be shifting in the latter’s favor too far and too fast.

The harder they come, the harder they fall, one and all.


PS: Thanks to John Pate for the zerohedge catch.

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