Waiting for Ted Yoho FL-03 to ask the Corps for a SEIS like he said he would

Video of Congressman Ted Yoho addressing concerns and agreeing that a Supplemental Environmental Study must be done before Sabal Trail is allowed to proceed after he hiked the proposed Sabal Trail route at which the company claimed the nearest sinkhole was 750′ away of pipeline route.  This “omission” which claimed there were no sinkholes within 750′ of the boring of ST’s pipeline could and most probably will cause damage to Suwannee River, nearby springs, AND millions of people’s sole source of water from the Floridan Aquifer. The original environmental study was performed by Sabal Trail sub-contractors to obtain their FERC permit and there has not been one regulatory agency — FDEP, Army Corps of Engineers, FERC, EPA etc visit the sinkhole filled site. SRWMD did attend this hike as a Rep from did Senator Nelson’s office. Thus Sabal Trail ‘s permit relied upon the company’s own employees! Fox guarding the chicken house? You bet it is! Unfortunately, after a meeting with Sabal Trail’s owner’s lobbyist—Spectra Energy’s Tillman in DC—Congressman Ted Yoho released a statement quite the opposite just 3 days later of what you see here. See Yoho’s press release below. Thank you to WWALS Watershed Coalition for this hike, for video of the rest of the hike, and so much more. Debra Here’s the video:

Waiting for Ted Yoho FL-03 to ask the Corps for a SEIS like he said he would Video by Debra Johnson for SpectraBusters, at Suwannee River State Park, May 15th 2016.

Congressman Ted Yoho, Press Release, May 18th 2016, Yoho Statement on Proposed Sabal Trail Pipeline,
Washington D.C. — Congressman Ted S. Yoho (R-FL-03) released the following statement on the proposed Sabal Trail pipeline: “After reviewing the multiple studies performed by the geological engineers and reading the reports and opinions of the many agencies involved in the permitting of the Sabal Trail pipeline, I believe the questions and concerns involving the pipeline have been answered satisfactorily. “When infrastructure projects are proposed, much anxiety develops. To give the appropriate authorities the opportunity to put these fears to easy, projects like this take a long time to get approval. “After the required hearings, studies, engineering testing, and comment periods, multiple agencies (such as EPA, Federal EPA, State EPA, FERC, NEPA, Army Corp and a host of other agencies) can weigh in and approve the project. This process should give all concerned a certain level of comfort and trust. After all, these agencies provide the most stringent reviewers of any project. “I believe the Sabal Trail organization has met these criteria. It has already under gone Administrative court reviews and has satisfied these reviews. Therefore, we should feel more than confident that this pipeline has met the highest standards. “Once completed, this project will help fulfill the future requirements of Florida’s growing energy needs for years to come while protecting our sensitive environment.”

3 thoughts on “Waiting for Ted Yoho FL-03 to ask the Corps for a SEIS like he said he would

    1. There are many sinkholes up and down the Sabal Trail pipeline route. Especially at the Suwannee State Park river crossing at which they are proposing to bore under the river. I am sorry to hear the pipeline crosses your property.

  1. Yoho took a $3500 campaign contribution from SPECTRA, which explains his change of heart after meeting with their LOBBYISTS. Don’t expect any help from YOHO!

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