Plans to Transport LNG on All Aboard Florida Commuter Railway are Discovered

Governor Scott’s long touted project the rail service, All Aboard Florida, plans to whisk passengers from Orlando to Miami and back again. Or so that is the publicly stated purpose of this project.

According to Channel 9’s investigative reporter, Christopher Heath, in Brevard County  there appears there is another purpose for this project (see story below). That purpose is to transport LNG (liquefied natural gas) most of which will be supplied by the Sabal Trail Pipeline if it is permitted by the Army Corps of Engineers and other state permits that are pending.

This transportation of LNG is very dangerous and trains transporting natural gas or LNG have earned the name of ‘bomb trains’ due to explosions that have occurred in other areas of the country causing deaths and injuries. Most of the time these explosions have taken place at night while innocent citizens are sleeping  in the safety of their homes.

The question here is are Governor Scott’s (and others) personal investments in Spectra Energy and the pipeline it is connected to (Transco pipeline and utility investment/connections with FPL, Duke) as well as this “commuter’ railway in the best interest of the people of Florida or serve a need and necessity for Floridians?

That answer is a resounding NO as unregulated LNG facilities along the rail corridor are already ‘popping up’ and operating — an example is American LNG in Hialeah now using gas supplied by existing FGT pipeline — the highly populated areas and the obvious additional risks to lives and property are obvious.

All of this is to export fracked gas from utility company invested fracking fields to other countries such as Jamaica which is set to be a central hub for the Caribbean among others in South America, the Bahamas.

There will be no place safe in Florida if we continue to allow our current legislator and Governor to implement their plans for a short term profit for a few at a long term cost to the people of Florida, Alabama, and Georgia via Spectra’s Sabal Trail pipeline. This is true for the rest of the country which is battling the same LNG pipeline, LNG transportation, and LNG export issues from companies such as Spectra Energy that we must rise up and nip in the bud now.

The Story From Channel 9’s investigative reporter Christopher Heath


Channel 9’s investigative reporter Christopher Heath has uncovered plans to transport hazardous chemicals on commuter rail tracks are just feet away from homes and businesses.

Heath pored through hundreds of pages of federal records to uncover the rail line, which is billed as a high speed commuter project is now planning to transport something else.

Eyewitness News has reported the rail service, All Aboard Florida plans to whisk passengers from Orlando to Miami and back again.

But 9 Investigates learned that its parent company, Florida East Coast Rail, has other plans for the tracks.

“There is a possibility that we may be moving in the foreseeable future,” said resident Connie Ward.

Ward has lived in Titusville for seven years. Her home is fewer than 3 miles from where Florida East Coast Industries has plans for a liquefied natural gas plant.

“We don’t need an evacuation plan. If that thing starts to go up, all we need to do is put our heads between our legs and kiss our rear ends goodbye,” Ward told Heath.

The nation currently has an abundance of natural gas. Domestically, it is transported through pipelines. But if it is shipped, it needs to be liquefied. It must be moved from plant to port, which is where rail lines come in.

It’s the same railroad that All Aboard Florida plans to use for its high-speed commuter service.

The rail cuts through highly populated cities and counties along Florida’s coast.

“That is a real concern of ours. We don’t believe there are enough regulations in place,” said Brent Hanlon of Citizens Against Rail Expansion.

The Martin County Fire Department issued a report that showed a possible blast radius would impact 1,200 residents. The report showed that such an accident would exceed local response capabilities.

Eyewitness News reached out to All Aboard Florida, but were told to contact Florida East Coast.

Eyewitness News contacted them, but our emails have not been returned.

The Federal Railroad Administration confirmed the application is still pending.”

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It is time for all Floridians to rise up and stop this pipeline which will affect ALL of us and our descendants forever.

Contact your state and federal officials now concerning the Sabal Trail pipeline and please sign petition from Gulf Restoration Network to congress linked below!

Army Corps of Engineers by state
Jacksonville District Reg. Div.
Jacksonville Permits Section
Attn: Mr. Mark R. Evans
P.O. Box 4970
Jacksonville, FL 32232

Commander, U.S.A.C.E.,
Savannah District
Attn: Mr. Terry C. Kobs
1104 N. Westover Boulevard, Unit 9
Albany, GA 31707

Mobile District Reg. Div.
Montgomery Field Office
Attn: Mr. James S. Cherry II
605 Maple Street
Building 1429 Room 105
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6017

Gulf Restoration Petition to Congress concerning Sabal Trail Pipeline

Contact the Federal Railway Administration about All Aboard Florida’s application for transporting Hazardous Materials – LNG

Federal Railway Administration
1200 New Jersey Ave, SE
Washington, DC 20590
Phone 202-493-6024
Fax 202-493-6481
Regional Office in Atlanta

You can also join us to learn more and help by joining WWALS Waterkeeper @ —
WWALS Watershed Coalition advocates for conservation and stewardship of the Withlacoochee, Willacoochee, Alapaha, Little, and Upper Suwannee River watersheds in south Georgia and north Florida through awareness, environmental monitoring, and citizen activities.

And/or join Spectrabusters by submitting an email to along with a short bio to stay informed and get involved in action against this danger to our water and very lives.

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