The end is peace and peace must be the path.

We must resist and oppose the Sabal Trail Pipeline, but not with violence. The means are the ends in the making. The end is peace and peace must be the path.

I should point out that at this time it remains unclear whether the gunman near Dunnellon was intentionally firing at the pipeline or was a water protector. It’s also important to question the veracity of the initial reports, whether this man even discharged a firearm as alleged. All the water protectors I’ve met at the Sabal Trail Pipeline construction sites and water camps are completely committed to nonviolence.

Here is our peaceful strategy to stop fracking, endless drilling, and endless construction of pipeline that threaten water, our most precious natural resource: Divestment from fossil fuels and pipeline companies and #BankExit from the banks that are funding them. Let’s invest in solar power and other renewable energy technologies, and socially responsible financial institutions like community banks and credit unions. These are constructive actions for all of us, and they are peaceful.

–Tim Canova, SpectraBusters Board Member, with approval of the board

1 thought on “The end is peace and peace must be the path.

  1. Tim, If there is no stopping this pipeline what so ever, then why can’t they, the money, build a bridge for this snake. Florida doesn’t put there trains in the ground, why put the pipeline. If they put the snake on the surface , concrete foundation, housing, air pressure, and constant maintenance(constant maintenance is the key). That would employee 7 permanent jobs, ie maintenance and an air pressure ‘guy’-s. Florida would show just how our environment is # 1 in the sunshine state?????
    And yes I know, we don’t need or want the pipeline and I will do whatever it takes to keep a pipeline, for any kind of fracking, out of Florida. We plan to spend our summer helping, physically, however we can, Monday thru Thursday, most of June, all of July, and the first half of August. We just hope it won’t be to late:(

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