SpectraBusters, Inc. has incorporated in Georgia with board members from all three states on the path of the proposed Sabal Trail Transmission methane pipeline: Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

The SpectraBusters board members include directly affected landowners and a wide range of others affected by the pipeline. All board members serve as individuals. See also the long list of allied organizations. To contact the SpectraBusters board about any of these or other policy issues, or about an organization being an ally, please send email to the SpectraBusters contact address:

Beth Gordon, President, doesn’t want a 36-inch pipeline through her horse farm in Levy County, Florida, where she practices law with The Gordon Law Firm. She filed a legal protest with the Florida Public Service Commission against the pipeline and spoke against it at the Levy County Commission, noting this pipeline is much bigger than previous pipelines or those that blew up recently in Oklahoma or Texas, plus the company behind this pipeline has a long list of fines for PCB pollution by EPA and for property damage, leaks, and negligence by PHMSA.

Debra Johnson lives in Suwannee County, Florida, which is the target of all seven proposed Sabal Trail pipeline routes. She was a principal author of an Action letter to County Commissioners reccomending resolutions or ordinances. She is also one of the organizers of Suwannee Alliance For Sustainable Growth.

Curtis Beaird loves birds, words, and nature and opposes Sabal Trail even though he lives nowhere near its proposed path.

300x400 March Against Sabal, in Adrianna Taylor against Sabal Trail, for, 13 January 2015 Adrianna Taylor graduated from Valdosta State University (VSU), where she majored in political science with a concentration in American government, and was the president of Students Against Violating the Environment (S.A.V.E.) at VSU. S.A.V.E. opposes the Sabal Trail pipeline and advocates divestment from fossil fuels. It serves as a forum for education on environmental, as well as a medium from which our collective voices can be used effectively to insight social change. S.A.V.E. exists as an autonomous organization, yet works hand in hand with other organizations making progress in today’s most important issues. Adrianna Taylor appeared on WALB TV in Leesburg, GA, at the Sabal Trail pipeline hearing 10 July 2014.

John S. Quarterman, Secretary, has 15 kilowatts of solar panels on his farm workshop roof where he grew up in Lowndes County, Georgia. Solar energy is already cheaper than any other power source; so cheap a judge in Minnesota recently ruled a power company had no excuse to use fracked "natural" gas instead of solar for power. That’s even more true here in the sunny south, where he has long promoted solar energy for energy and jobs right here where we need them. Quarterman is also President of WWALS Watershed Coalition, Inc., which has filed as intervenor with FERC against the Sabal Trail pipeline, partly because the Sabal Trail pipeline would cross the Withlacoochee River twice, once in Georgia, and once in Florida.

Alton Burns recently installed solar panels in Coolidge, GA. He has asked the Thomas County Commission to invest in solar farms instead of pipelines, and he recently testified in Moultrie, GA for the defendant whom Sabal Trail is suing to try to get Georgia eminent domain.

Laura Dailey of Fort White, Columbia County, Florida, resigned from the board to become Director of Community Outreach & Speaker’s Bureau. She has long been active in water and renewable energy issues. She drove many hours to the trespass hearing in Leesburg, GA, where she told interviewed for the WALB TV 6PM news,

“Where I come from it affects mainly the Santa Fe river which is the largest, single largest source of spring water on earth.”

She asked excellent questions at the Gilchrist County Commission, about using the Sabal Trail pipeline right of way for renewable energy production.

“Will the pipelines be adaptable to future use of other forms of energy besides the transmission of fossil fuels. Anybody know that?”

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  1. I am one of the many property owners effected by this proposed pipeline. My property lies in Sumter Co. Fl in the non-incorporated area of Lake Panasoffkee. Approximately, 5 acres of my property will be impacted by the 100 foot wide corridor. I bought this land in 1981 and raised a family living adjacent to the waters of the Panasoffkee Outlet.

    As you may already know, Lake Panasoffkee is a key element in the eco-system that supplies fresh aquifer-enriched water to the upper areas of the Withlacoochie River as it winds it’s way towards Yankeetown. The Panasoffkee Outlet River is a key waterway involved in this process. The State of Florida, years ago, purchased 1,000’s of acres along this outlet to insure no wetlands degradation through development. These wetlands provide vital percolation to allow rainwater to seep back into the Floridan Aquifer.

    The proposed route would require not only degradation of the wetlands and pristine enviornment of my riverfront property but also necessitate drilling under the riverbed adjacent to my property. There is an alternative route being considered that would not harm this beautiful outlet. I firmly support your efforts to stop this rape of some of the last remaining Florida native lands.

    I have retained an eminent domain attorney but their focus is primarily to see that I (and they) get fair compensation for the “use” of my property. I don’t want a dime of Sabal’s “blood money”. My inquiry to your organization is an attempt to stop this route from even being considered and would appreciate any input you could offer.

    Mr. Kim M. Andrei

  2. This pipeline is dependent on the continued production from the “new” reserves from tight oil and shale gas. Production “rate” from these plays is highly dependent on oil price, this is “expensive” oil and gas to produce. The capital cost necessary for these wells is currently funded by junk bonds and historically low interest rates.

    Some could argue that this pipeline is an example of “male investment”.

    If you wish more detailed explanation on this point, see the sources below.

    Drilling Deeper by David Hughs

    Ron Patterson’s site

    Euan Mearns’ site

    Economic Undertow, Steve from Virginia

    I am hoping that the liquidity dries up in the financial market and the monies to finance this pipeline fail to materialize. However, this could be mute if the monies are coming from the rate payers of Florida Power and Light… via parent company Next Era Energy…. reviewing NEE 2014 SEC financial statements the Net Income for the first 9 months of 2014 was $1,231 Million…. this is after taxes, deprecation etc etc….

    NEE is probably going to fund this pipeline themselves….. capital cost to be recouped from the rate payers of FP & L…

    Best of luck with your fight at FERC… the pipeline will be approved, it is Washington and NEE has the financial clout to guarantee that.

    This will NOT be low cost gas…….

    1. Clarification…

      “Sabal Trail Transmission is a joint venture of Spectra Energy Corp (NYSE: SE) and NextEra Energy, Inc. (NYSE: NEE).”

      Spectra is the “front man”….. the real player is NEE.

  3. How can I get in touch with one of your people regarding the FERC eminent domain process? I am a right of way owner in the path of the Kinder Morgan NED pipelene (PF14-22) and I suspect I am not going to be able to successfully negotiate with them for the land they want. I need to know what the next step looks like

  4. The opposition to Kinder Morgan’s Palmetto Pipeline in South Carolina, Georgia, and Georgia is organized by Push Back the Pipeline:

    Groups against NED include
    NH Pipeline Awareness
    No Fracked Gas in Mass
    Stop the NY Fracked Gas Pipeline
    No Gas Pipeline

    Depending on which state you’re in, I’d suggest select one of those groups, and they can help you with NED.


  5. Homer, I would like to address your issue. It appears you have accepted the fact that a pipeline may cross your land. The pipeline reps. (land man) will start off by low balling there offer, you know buy low sell high sort of thing. You can hire an attorney if you want, but you won’t get any more than fair market value, the attorney will get a good share of it and the courts won’t give you any more for his/her fees. If you have such things as timber, structures (buildings of any kind) future plans to build (would need proof such as building plans) or had planed on selling that portion ( proof need also). Keep in mind gas cos. don’t want to go to court if they don’t have to. Also keep in mind you can’t hold a gun to there heads and expect to get more than what your land is worth. Do your home work and throw all of your info. in front of them when they approach you. If you have any more questions, post them and I will answer them the best I can.

  6. Homer, I want to add something else, these land men will have done there home work on you before they approach.

    1. Finally, something useful from Charles Kelly!
      Yes, they will have done their homework. But they may have done it as badly as these Chevron landmen, offering bottled water and tobacco to the indigenous Unist’ot’en in British Columbia.
      But indeed you can get way more than fair market value, and the more people who hold out for that, the more likely the pipeline is to go away.

      1. Yes, Charles Kelly does have some “useful” comments. I have worked these pipelines for 50 years. Landowners have the right to get as much money as possible for the “use” of their property. If I can educate Homer on this process, by all means I will help. Why don’t you help to educate these landowners instead of referring them to a website? Homer knows if this pipeline crosses his land, he wants to get as much money as possible without going to court. Sometimes, gas companies will give a landowner a few dollars more, if it’s cheaper than going to court. But they won’t let the landowners put a gun to their head, that’s when they call the attorneys.

        1. John, about your comment as to the more people hold out, the more likely the pipeline will go away. A friend of mine who used to live in PA. got approached to have a water line for the town (water pipeline) cross his property. He said no, wasn’t going to happen. They took him to court, he lost. When I asked him if it was worth it, he said no. It cost him many thousands of dollars which the attorney got and what he was paid for the R.O.W didn’t come close to getting his money back.

  7. Charles, I hate to break it to you, but this is a website.

    This is also 2015, not 1965. Solar power is now cheaper, faster, and far safer and cleaner than “natural” fracked methane gas.

    There is no excuse for new fossil fuel pipelines.

    We’re not talking about water pipelines, and we’re not talking about one single individual holding out. We’re talking about many individuals holding out, and it’s working.


    1. John, I know solar is cheaper, cleaner, faster and cleaner. How could any one forget, you keep beating this horse to death. My point about my friend losing was to show that holding out doesn’t always win. Whether you like it or not they are going to build the sabal trail pipeline, and any one who holds out will lose. As for the web site, when some one asks a question, answer them in plain English, not send them to a web site, just answer question. One more thing I don’t get paid by sabal trail, but I will be when I go to work for the contractor who will be building it.

  8. Charles,

    I’m sorry you’re allergic to evidence.

    Others who may be following these comments can follow the links to see the evidence that you’re wrong.

    And they can see your attitude of trying to determine how this website is run, while you advocate taking people’s land to profit a few fat cats in Houston, who are also exploiting you.


  9. John, when it comes to evidence, I do look at both sides, and make a conclusion based on evidence presented. The links you present don’t prove me wrong. You and the rest of your fellow Spectra busters are the ones who have to prove this pipeline or any other pipeline are not needed. How is that working for you? And again twisting words, Putting your slant on things I did not say. Where did I say in my posts that I advocate for any one to take peoples land. All I ever did was to educate the hold outs on what to expect when the gas co. goes to court and a judge issues an order to the land owners not to interfere with the pipeline or any of the contractors employees. You keep mentioning how they are exploiting me. I can tell you one thing I love it. you should come up with another talking point you kind of wore that one out.

    1. John, while I on a roll maybe I should mention to you. When I attended the open houses in my area that Sabal Trail put on I asked the question as to why were they picking contractors a year ahead of time, never heard of this before, maybe 6 months but not a year. the answer I got was that in 2016-2017-2018 there were going to be more pipelines built than any other 3 years in the past. And so for that reason they were going to have them under contract early so as to have them ready when they get there permits some time on or about June 1 2016. From the sounds of that you and the rest of your followers are going to be pretty busy. I hope you will please excuse me for some of my poor spelling, I am not an English major just a pipeliner. As we in the business say, nothing finer than a pipeliner.

  10. Charles,

    You say you’re not being exploited and you’re not currently employed by Spectra, and you claim you don’t advocate for taking people’s land, yet in the same paragraph you try to scare people with court cases, just like Spectra does in their letters.

    Yes, people in your industry say many things.

    Like Williams did before it “suspended” its Bluegrass Pipeline.

    Like KMI did before GDOT denied it a permit for its Palmetto pipeline.

    And Spectra has said many things, yet FERC is late with its environmental assessment, and Spectra is seeing environmental permit applications challenged in two states.

    Plus let’s not forget Spectra already lost at FERC once.

    And Spectra can lose again.


  11. John,how is trying to save some one a lot of grief by advising them that they may want to think about what could happen if they take your advise and try and hold out to stop this pipeline is scareing them? I would certainly like it if some one fore warned me as to what the out come might be. After all who loses you or them? But you could tell them how bad you feel if they lose and how they fought a good fight, then you can turn around, walk away and leave them holding the bag. The KMI- Atlanta journal site you referenced, where GDOT denied KMI a permit, I read it over and over but I couldn’t find where it said that. Maybe you referenced the wrong site. Mistakes do happen. Permits, nothing new about that, I would be surprised if they didn’t get challenged some where or by some one. Yes you could be right Spectra could lose or they could win. Only time will tell. Ops almost forgot the blue grass. Don’t know much about that one. But I would pretty well bet they canceled it not because of public opinion, but because of the reasons listed. Worked a lot of pipeline jobs in my life and every one had public opinion against them and yet they still got built.

    1. John, you say I am scaring people, I have to ask you, do you think for 1 second that showing pictures of pipelines blowing up or sink holes in front of a house or saying that if you live close to a pipeline you are in the blast zone isn’t scarring people, then what do you call it?

  12. John, I’m not much on those highly educated words you come up with, I am just a down to earth pipeliner, and stopping pipelines isn’t going to happen. Good luck trying tho.

  13. Charles Kelly,

    Yes, you don’t understand big words like stop, and pipeline invader go home.

    And you don’t understand people don’t like their land being taken,
    or their property destroyed, or their drinking water poisoned.

    Like Spectra’s infamous 89 PCB spills along a single pipeline, with a record $15 million EPA fine, an $18.6 million fine by Pennsylvania, and $200 million in cleanup charges.

    And you don’t understand what a straight man is (har!).


  14. ++Maybe someone close to the lawyers can explain how a Private Company exercises eminent domain. I always thought that it was something the government had to do.

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