All these organizations are fighting this or another pipeline or fracking, and many have agreed to be listed “In Conjunction with” on at least one SpectraBusters press release. While SpectraBusters has many allies, all SpectraBusters members are individuals, not organizations. To contact the SpectraBusters board about any of these or other policy issues, or about an organization being an ally, please send email to the SpectraBusters contact address:

Chattahoochee Riverkeeper
Extend the FERC scoping period and obtain critical information from Sabal Trail Transmission

Damascus Citizens for Sustainability
“Started in 2008 to protect the Delaware River Watershed, Catskill Region, PA, NY and NJ water supplies from gas drilling and now has educated and advocated for communities across the country and internationally.”
The movie Gasland is dedicated to this group.

Environmental Awareness Organization of Auburn University (EAOAU).

Flint Riverkeeper
Extend the FERC scoping period and obtain critical information from Sabal Trail Transmission
Pipeline in Southwest Georgia and Central Florida Risks Drinking Water

Food & Water Watch
Sign the petition to keep the Sabal Trail Pipeline out of Florida!

The Georgia Climate Change Coalition is a group of citizens and organizations who share an interest in climate change in Georgia and the Southeast. Based in Athens, Georgia, we sponsor events and educational programs and promote collaboration between our member groups. We are working to educate people about The Sabal Trail project, advocate for alternatives to natural gas as an energy source and facilitate the expression of concerns and opposition to the Sabal Trail project.
Letter writing against Sabal Trail

Greenlaw protects clean air and water.
Sabal Trail pipeline threatens Georgia’s residents and environment

Green Party of Florida

Greenpeace Jacksonville Greenpeace Jacksonville is for all Northeast Florida residents looking to get involved on a local level.

Gulf Restoration Network united for a healthy Gulf
Thousands Object to Sabal Trail Pipeline
Petition Florida Congress members

Ichetucknee River Estates Landowners Association,

“This is a monster of a pipeline. If this thing was to somehow rupture, leak, explode, you could possibly be putting the water source for this whole state in jeopardy.”
—David Hanna, President, in Ichetucknee River Estates Landowners Association against the Sabal Trail pipeline.

Kiokee-Flint Group
We hereby RESCIND our original permission
Extend the FERC scoping period and obtain critical information from Sabal Trail Transmission

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE), blogging in On the LAKE Front
(Pipeline category)

Lowndes County Democratic Party (LCDP) “…a moral obligation to leave our children and grandchildren with an earth as safe, beautiful, and majestic as the one bequeathed to us by our parents and grandparents… The taking of privately owned property by a private company is a property rights issue.”
Lowndes County Democratic Committee Opposes Sabal Trail Methane Pipeline

Miami-Dade Green Party
Postcard flyer in English and Spanish.
Flyer to encourage FLexit from pipeline banks.

New York Climate Action Group (NYCAG) the Spectra struggle (and Williams Transco Rockaway Lateral Pipeline in the Rockaways of Queens, NY and the LNG port resistance in Long Beach, NY).

No Fracked Gas in Mass. Fighting Kinder Morgan/TGP’s Northeast Expansion across the Berkshires and Northern Massachusetts. Our mission is to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and to create a comprehensive renewable energy infrastructure.

Occupy the Pipeline, who fought the NYC extension on the Spectra Pipeline.

Our Santa Fe River (OSFR), protecting our most vital and vulnerable natural resource…water.
Pipeline accident risk in Florida springs heartland: go solar instead


Progress for All
Okay, so you’ve taken your money out of Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, or any of the number of banks that have been investing in pipeline construction. What now? We encourage you to consider a credit union, as they are….

Ryder, Inc., Brooks Co. Pipeline: E Pluribus Unum: united we stand.
It seems that they just draw lines at random, FERC ecomment by James & Tracy Ryder via Sen. Marco Rubio 2014-06-04.
Proposal will devalue property to be virtually worthless, FERC ecomment by James Ryder 2014-02-14.
Farmer and lower income folks are people FERC ecomment by James & Tracy Ryder 2013-12-03.


Sane Energy Project: to fight fossil fuel and nuclear infrastructure, and encourage renewable infrastructure.


Shale Property Rights, formerly Spectra Energy Watch.

Sierra Club, America’s largest and oldest grassroots environmental group, exploring, enjoying, and protecting the environment since 1892.
Sierra Club Chapters Oppose Sabal Trail Gas Pipeline 2014-03-04.
Danielle Jordan reading the Sierra Club statement to FERC at the Scoping Meeting in Valdosta 2014-03-04.
FERC should be promoting solar and wind, not new pipelines, FERC ecomment by Alabama Sierra Club 2014-03-14.
Alabama Sierran article by chapter president Bob Hastings April 2014.
Florida and the public have a fee interest in these lands FERC ecomment by Florida Sierra Club 2014-04-21.
Proposed Sabal Trail Pipeline Threatens Southwest Georgia Communities by John S. Quarterman in Georgia Sierran April-May-June 2014 issue.

Stop the Pipeline: No eminent domain, preserve local character and environment, and pipelines == fracking.

Stop the Sabal Trail Natural Gas Pipeline: We the people don’t want the pipeline at all!

Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline
To stop a Kinder Morgan/TGP Northeast Expansion project ( high-pressure gas pipeline planned by Tennessee Gas (K. M.) to traverse NY with fracked gas. Our Broader Mission: To stop the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure in New York and to promote sustainable, renewable sources of energy.

Students Against Violating the Environment (S.A.V.E.) Valdosta State University

Three River Estates Property Owners (TREPO), Inc. Position Statement on Sabal Trail/Spectra Energy Methane Pipeline strongly opposing the placement of the Sabal Trail Methane gas pipeline.

Suwannee Alliance for Sustainable Growth to inform of needed actions items in the political, environmental, legislature as well as to use for dissemination of information to the people of Suwannee County, other environmental and action groups, the state of Florida and worldwide.
facebook group
Action letter to County Commissioners against Sabal Trail pipeline

Un-Natural because there is nothing natural about what the methane extraction process invented by Halliburton does to water, air, & living things and Natural Gas Pipeline Easement and Right-of_Way Agreements: A Landowner’s List of Terms to Negotiate by Eric C. Camp

WWALS Watershed Coalition, Inc. (WWALS), advocates for conservation and stewardship of the Willacoochee, Withlacoochee, Alapaha, Little, and upper Suwannee River Systems watersheds in south Georgia and north Florida through awareness, environmental monitoring, and citizen activities.
WWALS files as intervenor to oppose the Sabal Trail Transmission gas pipeline

X-tratainment, Inc.: At the protests and meetings in Albany and Dougherty County, Georgia against Sabal Trail, videoing and posting on YouTube:
X-tratainment, Inc. 629 Lockett Station Rd. Albany, GA. 31721.

SpectraBusters: We ain’t afraid a no pipeline!
Landowners and others opposed to the Sabal Trail gas pipeline through Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. A Georgia nonprofit corporation with board members in all three states. There’s no excuse for another natural gas pipeline when solar power is cheaper and brings jobs and energy.

22 thoughts on “Allies

  1. There are at least three “allies” who represent themselves falsely or rather who represent most facts falsely. They are the NY Climate Action Group,Occupy the Pipeline and the Sane Energy Project. All three of these groups have gotten in the way of the people on the ground effected by the Rockaway Pipeline project and the people who did anything at all against the project. All three have spread enormous amounts of misinformation on the Rockaway Pipeline Project and also now an LNG import project called Port Ambrose proposed for offshore of NYC/Long Island and this has been ongoing for between a year and half and two years now. They have been asked repeatedly to stop pretending they represent any interest beside their own and to stop spreading what is clearly misinformation. They have gotten in the way of local concerns. They actively surpressed information on the Rockaway project, their preference instead to create myths about it instead, and then followed that up with doing the same with the Port Ambrose LNG import project . These are fraudulent groups with dubious “leaders”. I wouldn’t take advice from them if I were you unless it is advice on sabotage.

      1. Evidence of allegations? Are you joking?

        The pre-file docket and the certificate docket on the rockaway project (CP13-36) are evidence enough. During pre-file, antifracking activists copied form letters written by Sane Energy (likely Clare Donahue) which not only didn’t represent issues that anyone locally was concerned about but which didn’t appear to even accurately portray where the project being considered by FERC was going to be built.

        There is evidence all over the place of the nonsense these people have been slinging as they film and document themselves constantly. The evidence can be found via social networking sites, videos and also in the news. That is a notice by United for Action, possible via Edie Kantrowitz who also signs letters and such for the Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline sending out notice about what they call an LNG export project.

        The actual application and docket on Port Ambrose an LNG import project is quite long and detailed.!docketDetail;D=USCG-2013-0363

        Evidence? There websites are evidence. Their facebook pages are evidence. Many of the groups don’t have “leaders” listed except apparently when they sign on letters. They are mostly the same group of people and on the ground people know this. Because we have met them.

        1. Yes, evidence is what allegations require.
          You’ve supplied one example of someone calling Port Ambrose export without qualification. That’s it? Everything else I see is careful to express concern about possible LNG export from Port Ambrose.

          There seemed to be plenty of boots on the ground in DC

          including a couple dozen willing to be arrested

          protesting Dominion Cove, which advertises itself as for LNG export.


  2. I am curious as to whether you feel your efforts were effective for landowners affected by Sabal Trail Commission – if so, in what ways and which efforts were most effective.

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