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Sabal Trail Contractor Fairs: Ocala, Live Oak, Albany

Update 10 April 2016: And Moultrie, GA April 15th.

Trying to attract local support in counties where it wants compressor stations, Sabal Trail is holding Contractor Fairs, ignoring that:

Look in the dictionary under chutzpah (insolence), and you’ll see Sabal Trail’s picture. Two years ago in Gilchrist County, FL, Sabal Trail admitted Continue reading Sabal Trail Contractor Fairs: Ocala, Live Oak, Albany

Transco plans FERC filing “in the next month or so”

Sabal Trail’s source of fracked methane plans to file with FERC real soon now. Williams Company’s Transco Hillabee Expansion Project doesn’t admit it’s late like Sabal Trail, nor mention that it already blew up in 2011. Nor that the same Williams spokesperson is pushing the Atlantic Sunrise project that would feed fracked Marcellus shale gas to Transco for Sabal Trail and on to three already-approved LNG export operations in Florida.

Mitch Sneed wrote for Alexander City Outloook 18 October 2014, Natural gas pipeline plans moving forward, Continue reading Transco plans FERC filing “in the next month or so”

Sabal Trail delays formal FERC filing until “sometime later this year”

Sabal Trail has backed off its end-of-October FERC filing target, now saying “sometime later this year”. Opposition is having some effects!

Robert Hudson wrote for 1 October 2014, in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, where Sabal Trail proposes to start its hundred-foot gouge through three states, Company preparing to submit natural gas pipeline application to FERC, Continue reading Sabal Trail delays formal FERC filing until “sometime later this year”

Sabal Trail Notice of EIS Intent and Route Alternatives

A FERC comment period ending 15 November 2014 seems to mean Sabal Trail will miss its 31 October formal filing date. 300x391 Withlacoochee River Crossing Route Alternative, Hamilton and Suwannee Counties, Florida (bare), in Sabal Trail Notice of EIS Intent, by John S. Quarterman, for, 15 October 2014 No relief suggested for crossing the Withlacoochee River at the border of Brooks and Lowndes Counties, Georgia (or inside Lowndes County next to Valdosta, according to several of the previous alternatives). And every proposed path still crosses the Suwannee River into Suwannee County.

Maybe that’s because the Dougherty County Commission and the Albany City Council actually stood up for their citizens, as did Gilchrist County (see Wacassassa Flats Alternative), while the Suwannee County Commission swallowed Sabal Trail disinformation and the Lowndes County Commission and the Valdosta City Council did little (except one letter from the Chairman) or nothing (except one letter from one Council member).

300x131 Sasser Route Alternative, Albany Compressor station Alternatives, Terrell, Lee, and Dougherty Counties. Georgia (bottom), in Sabal Trail Notice of EIS Intent, by John S. Quarterman, for, 15 October 2014 There’s still time for Dougherty, Lowndes, and all the other counties and cities to pass ordinances, and to lobby state and federal agencies and elected and appointed officials. Oh, and there’s an election going on.

Also no mention of Sabal Trail’s Jasper, Florida Open House, 5-7:30 Tuesday 21 October 2014, but STT’s newspaper notice said the public is invited, so y’all come!

Filed with FERC today, 15 October 2014, Supplemental Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environment Impact Statement for the Planned Southeast Market Pipeline Project and Request for Comments on Environmental Issues etc. re Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC under PF14-1.


Docket No. PF14-1-000

Continue reading Sabal Trail Notice of EIS Intent and Route Alternatives

Disappointing Alabama FERC Scoping Meetings –Bob Hastings

Bob Hastings of the Alabama Sierra Club reports from the Alabama FERC Scoping Meetings. -jsq

I attended both the Alexander City and Butler hearings, and was disappointed in both. There was apparently a lot of apathy and/or intimidation among people affected.

There were about 50-75 people at Alex City but only about 7 people spoke. I read the Alabama-Georgia-Florida Sierra Club statement, and got a few compliments after the meeting.

At Butler, there were only 7 people present (plus about 15 “company” employees who answered questions, but there were not many questions). Because of the small group, we sat in a circle with the FERC reps and listened to their statements and asked a few questions. No landowners made statements and I agreed to submit mine online. It was a long drive for not much information.

I was also told that about 25 people attended the Seale hearing but no one submitted comments (according to Bill Braun, a “first zero” for FERC hearings).

Bill Braun was the FERC representative (a contract environmental consultant) from Minnesota who described the projects at all three hearings in Alabama, along with Kara Harris.

Tackle the Pipeline at the Root: Alabama FERC Scoping Meetings



Valdosta, 8 March 2014 — SpectraBusters invites everyone to tackle the pipeline at its root this coming week in Seale, Alexander City, or Butler, at your only chances in Alabama to testify in front of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission about the fracked methane pipelines proposed by Williams Transco, Spectra Energy, and FPL. Plus later a SpectraBusters panel on the issues.

FERC Scoping Meetings:
This week’s calendar:
SpectraBusters Panel:
In Conjunction with:

FERC Scoping Meetings:

5PM Sabal Trail discussion
Pipeline representatives will be present.
6PM FERC presentation

about the process
and the pipelines

Docket number PF14-6: Hillabee Expansion Project
Docket number PF14-1: Sabal Trail Transmission
Docket number PF14-2: Florida Southeast Connection
Then citizens can speak

at the podium

Have what you say transcribed by a court recorder
for the Commission’s administrative record.

This week’s calendar:

Monday, March 10, 2014
Russell County

PF14-1 Sabal Trail
West Georgians can cross
the Chattahoochee River
Russell County High School
4716 Old Seale Highway
Seale, AL 36875
(334) 855-4378
Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Tallapoosa County
Where PF14-6 and PF14-1 connect
plus a compressor station
Central Alabama Community College
Betty Carol Graham Technology Center
1675 Cherokee Road
Alexander City, AL 35010
(256) 234-6346
Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Choctaw County
PF14-6 Hillabee Expansion Project
begins at Transco Station 85
plus a compressor station
Butler Civic Center
108 North Academy Avenue
Butler, AL 36904
(205) 459-3795
next to Mississippi

Or e-mail to or file online with FERC:
Or call 202-502-8258, or mail written comments to:

Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary;
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission;
888 First St. N.E. Room 1A;
Washington, D.C. 20426.

Use Docket number PF14-1 for Sabal Trail Transmission,
or PF14-6 for Hillabee Expansion Project.

See calendar for Georgia last week and Florida the following two weeks:

SpectraBusters Panel:

There’s more to be done so there’s another meeting later…

3PM Saturday 29 March 2014
Lowndes County, GA
SpectraBusters Panel
Pipeline? No!

Elected officials and candidates for public office are invited to a SpectraBusters panel discussion in Lowndes County, Georgia. Topics will include potential pipeline routes, property rights (eminent domain, property values), water issues (aquifer, sinkholes, springs), whether Florida even needs more power, better power sources (solar, wind, conservation, and efficiency), noise, health, and hazards. SpectraBusters and allies from all states are invited, and are encouraged to hold panels elsewhere.
Sabal Trail, Spectra, FPL, Williams, and Duke: we don’t come to your internal company meetings, and you’ll hear from us at the Scoping Meetings.

Why: Spectra Energy, which had compressor station leaks in Maine in January and in Pennsylvania last year, plus multiple fines by Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) for corrosion and leaks, and a record $15 million EPA fine for PCB contamination, proposes a hundred-foot-wide gash through our lands for their huge 36 inch Sabal Trail gas pipeline from Alabama through Georgia to feed Florida Power and Light (FPL) and Duke Energy for no benefit to local citizens and rate hikes for FPL customers. A one-time payment is not enough for decreased property values, permanent destruction, and hazards of leaks and explosions, when FPL and Spectra and Duke would profit forever. The gas comes from fracking in Pennsylvania and Texas, destroying watersheds, farmlands, and drinking water. Conservation, efficiency, and solar power are cheaper and bring jobs and energy here where we need them.

In Conjunction with:

Environmental Awareness Organization of Auburn University (EAOAU).

Greenlaw protects clean air and water.

New York Climate Action Group (NYCAG) the Spectra struggle (and Williams Transco Rockaway Lateral Pipeline in the Rockaways of Queens, NY and the LNG port resistance in Long Beach, NY).

Occupy the Pipeline, who fought the NYC extension on the Spectra Pipeline.

Our Santa Fe River, protecting our most vital and vulnerable natural resource…water.

Sane Energy Project: to fight fossil fuel and nuclear infrastructure, and encourage renewable infrastructure.

Shale Property Rights, formerly Spectra Energy Watch.

Sierra Club, America’s largest and oldest grassroots environmental group, exploring, enjoying, and protecting the environment since 1892.

Stop the Pipeline: No eminent domain, preserve local character and environment, and pipelines == fracking.

Students Against Violating the Environment (S.A.V.E.) Valdosta State U.

Wiregrass Activists for Clean Energy (WACE): clean and sustainable energy sources.

WWALS Watershed Coalition, Willacoochee, Withlacoochee, Alapaha, and Little River Systems in south Georgia and north Florida.

SpectraBusters: We ain’t afraid a no pipeline!
Landowners and others opposed to the Sabal Trail gas pipeline through Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.


Garrett Kizer
Lee County, AL

Danielle Jordan
Lowndes Co., GA

Beth Gordon
Levy Co., FL


See also these presentation materials.

And see also these previous meetings:

FERC: regulatory agency or marketing firm for pipeline companies?

Its name is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, but lately it’s been sounding more like a marketing firm for pipeline companies. You can help fix that.

Bill Thompson wrote for 11 December 2013 about a meeting in Dunnellon, Florida, At open house, Sabal Trail presents plans for natural gas pipeline,

About 50 people attended an open house meeting held by Sabal Trail Transmission LLC, the energy firm that will construct the roughly 465-mile line for two of America’s biggest energy companies. The line will go through Alachua and Marion counties, among others….

John Peconom, project manager for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which will have final approval over the pipeline, described Sabal Trails efforts at this point as “shaking the bushes.”

The company, he said, is attempting to identify — and mitigate, if necessary — as many issues as possible before filing its application with the government, which should come in about a year.

Peconom told me in Moultrie, GA 27 January 2014 that that last was FERC’s role. I wonder why Continue reading FERC: regulatory agency or marketing firm for pipeline companies?

Five compressor stations proposed by Sabal Trail and Spectra

Spectra proposes five compressor stations along its Sabal Trail Transmission gas pipe: Alexander in Tallapoosa County, AL, Albany in Dougherty County, GA, Hildreth in Suwannee County, FL, Dunnellon in Marion County, FL, and Reunion in Osceola County, FL. Why should we expect them to be any safer than the ones in Maine or Pennsylvania?


Alexander City Compressor Station in Tallapoosa County, Alabama Continue reading Five compressor stations proposed by Sabal Trail and Spectra

Only 50 feet? Sabal Trail in Alexander City, AL

How is that “additional 50 feet of construction lane” temporary after you’ve torn down all the trees, Sabal Trail? And the route you’re showing Alexander City goes through Valdosta, while around here you’re telling us a different route. You told a Lowndes County resident you could also build feeder pipelines, yet the Alexander City story doesn’t mention anything about that. Which of your stories should we believe, Sabal Trail?

Robert Hudson wrote for 13 November 2013, Citizens hear about proposed gas pipeline,

The proposed corridor is 600 feet wide, but once surveys are done, that area will be decreased to some 50 feet.

“At the end of the day, should our project be approved, that comes down to only being 50 feet,” Grover said. “Then there will also be an additional 50 feet of construction lane that will be temporary so that they can build the pipeline in that easement.”

Let’s go back a month and a few hundred miles south to what Brad McEwen wrote in the Albany Herald 20 October 2013, Continue reading Only 50 feet? Sabal Trail in Alexander City, AL