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Citrus County FL passes ordinance banning fracking 2016-06-14

Not just a resolution, an ordinance, which is a law: no fracking in Citrus County, Florida.

Jim Tatum, Our Santa Fe River, 14 June 2016, Citrus County Approves Fracking Ban,

Commissioners Dennis Damato, Ronald Kitchen, Joe Meek, Scott Adams, and Scott Carnahan unanimously passed a ban-fracking ordinance. The ordinance was amended to include all the county, both incorporated and non-incorporated areas, skillfully inserted by the able and prepared county attorney Denise A. Dymond Lyn.

The text of the ordinance is Continue reading Citrus County FL passes ordinance banning fracking 2016-06-14

Strom Crystal River LNG export approval 2014-10-21

Strom can ramp up its LNG export to the Gulf from Crystal River an order of magnitude with its initial units, Legal Style and then add more units, all without any further approval by anybody, says this Order from the U.S. DoE Office of Fossil Energy, which also appears to permit bomb trains shipping LNG anywhere in Florida, or maybe even other states, with some of the fracked methane probably coming from Sabal Trail if built. This FE Order was issued 21 October 2014, one month to the day before Sabal Trail filed in the FERC formal process in 21 November 2014. Yet not a word was said about Strom or any other LNG export by FERC or Sabal Trail in any of the FERC Scoping Meetings I went to, as I pointed out at the one 1 October 2015 in Lake City, Florida.

FE is even more a rubberstamp regulatory-captured lapdog of the fossil fuel industry than is FERC, and Strom is setting up to require no further approvals by them or anybody else: Continue reading Strom Crystal River LNG export approval 2014-10-21

Strom LNG Processing & Export In The Public Interest? What About Solar & Other Clean Energy Alternatives?

Below you will find an excerpt of Strom, Inc. DOE Application # 15-78-LNG submitted May 2015, section V, describing the public interests of processing LNG, transporting via train and/or truck 90 miles along the pristine west coast of Florida for exporting to other, countries this includes non-FTA countries.  Are these people not aware of Solar Energy and other clean energy alternatives which would well serve the countries they propose to export greenhouse emitting, water destructive and air polluting fracked gas to?  You know they are.  But DOE/FE policy gives LNG facilities the right to negotiate their own trade agreements and determine the environmental effects in the name of promoting competition in the dying, subsidized fossil fuel industry.  As for the 100’s of jobs Strom says will be created in this application, if the Florida government and utility monopoly were removed (as it is in all but 4 states), via solar choice, there would be 1000’s of jobs created in the solar industry alone!

It is obvious that this endeavor is “all about the money” for an industry that has seen it’s time and needs to fold or adapt. As well as the invested politicians ‘on the dole’.  The fracking industry is operating in debt – in the ‘red’ – and guess who will be left with the losses economically, environmentally and socially.

Strom’s DOE application for their multiple operations are still open for comments via DOE online here: The last day to comment is Feb 12, 2016.

Below here is Strom’s argument for public need/benefits from their application to DOE.

Strom NTFA.pdf

Strom -Sabal Trail

Strom Submits App to DOE to Process, Transport Interstate, & Export Fracked Gas VIA Sabal Trail Pipeline

On May 15, 2015 Strom submitted an application to DOE for processing fracked gas and exporting the resulting natural gas after transporting from facilities just 2.8 miles from the faulty Nuke Plant in Citrus County.  The application also includes the ability to transport this processed natural gas for export via ‘bomb’ trains or trucks 90 miles to Port of Tampa for exporting to non-FTA countries. Guess who the pipeline company is — FGS and Sabal Trail with emphasis on ST.

Sources of Strom’s Fracked Gas For Processing and Export

Strom -Sabal Trail Pipeline
Excerpt from Strom Application which can be seen by clicking in above text excerpt from application


Strom moving amendment

Strom LNG Processing & Exporting Facility Amendment — Approved
Strom app to relocate to Citrus County giving them access to Sabal Trail pipeline. Note Strom will be have facility to produce LNG gas for long term exporting from ST supplied fracked gas or possibly FGS pipeline — which pipeline source do you think they really plan on using? — from fracked natural gas and truck or haul via “bomb” trains this gas 90 miles to Tampa Port for export.

Again where is the public need or necessity in the Sabal Trail Pipeline? There is none. Only profits for invested politicians at the risk of our water supply and danger to individual lives as this fracked gas is processed for export and transported on public highways.

STROM DOE FTA Location Source Amendment 9 29 2014 (2).pdf

Strom asks FE to move LNG export application location

Dismissed by FERC for lack of payment? No worries, Strom, Inc.’s other LNG export application with the 300x153 Duke nuke and gas plant down Power Line Road, in Strom Inc. moves to Crystal River, by John S. Quarterman, for, 29 September 2014 FE is still active, and Strom asked to move the location, too, to Crystal River. Just east on Power Line Road from Duke Energy’s permantly-closed Crystal River nuke and proposed new gas plant. Strom says it would get the fracked methane from either FGT or Sabal Trail, which is either an intrastate or an interstate pipeline depending on which of Strom’s sentences you believe. No, Strom’s CEO’s name is not Loki; it’s just pronounced that way, and spelled Lokey.

Remember in July FERC dismissed Strom’s Starke LNG application for lack of fee payment. The Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy (FE) apparently has no such scruples, since its STROM INC, FE DKT. NO. 14-56-LNG was updated 29 September 2014 with Strom Inc. – Amendment to Application to Reflect New Location of the Plant, Continue reading Strom asks FE to move LNG export application location

Duke Energy doesn’t care whether Sabal Trail pipeline is ever built

Raining on Spectra’s pipeline parade, Duke Energy’s Citrus County power plant open house once again emphasized Duke doesn’t care if Spectra and FPL’s fracked methane pipeline is ever built. And it’s not just because of Duke’s power plant that natural gas prices may go up soon: Sabal Trail feeding methane to already-authorized LNG export operations in Florida would also push prices up. So why build that useless Sabal Trail boondoggle? Why build that Duke gas plant, for that matter; why not go straight to solar power in the Sunshine State?

Fred Hiers wrote for 14 July 2014, Utility will build plant with or without new pipeline, Continue reading Duke Energy doesn’t care whether Sabal Trail pipeline is ever built

Duke Citrus County methane plant Open House 2014-07-10

Duke Energy to hold Crystal River, FL gas plant meeting same day as Leesburg, GA pipeline hearing.

Curiously Duke is not calling it the Crystal River plant, even though it’s right next to Duke’s failed Crystal River nuke. Duke first said this plant would get its gas from the Sabal Trail pipeline and then said nevermind, that wouldn’t be needed, even though Sabal Trail has a Citrus County offshoot pipeline as part of its $3 billion project. Now this letter says it’s Sabal Trail fracked methane for Duke again. Hey, instead, why not build solar power in the Sunshine State?

Some landowners are getting a letter like the one pictured. It’s basically the same as this Duke Energy PR of 16 June 2014, Open house scheduled on proposed combined-cycle natural gas plant in Citrus County, Fla., Continue reading Duke Citrus County methane plant Open House 2014-07-10

Duke Energy doesn’t need Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline

Even Duke Energy thinks the Sabal Trail pipeline is not necessary.

Pat Faherty wrote 30 May 2014 for the Citrus County Chronicle, Natural-gas plant not tied to pipeline completion (I added the images and links),

Construction of Duke Energy’s $1.5 billion power plant in Citrus County is not dependent on completion of the controversial Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline.

Duke filed a petition Tuesday with the Florida Public Service Commission for an affirmative determination of need for its Citrus County combined-cycle power plant.

That’s the same 27 May 2014 filing that was supposed to show Sabal Trail fueling Duke’s plant, but Continue reading Duke Energy doesn’t need Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline

Duke gas plants to be fueled by Sabal Trail fracked methane

Tuesday May 27th Duke plans to file with FL PSC for approval to use Sabal Trail fracked methane at its former Crystal River nuclear site in Citrus County, Florida, and apparently for two other Duke plants in Suwannee County and Polk County. The Citrus County Commissioners have a Comprehensive Plan change for Duke on their agenda for that same day, May 27th, for a Public Hearing June 10th.

We already knew last December that Duke’s usual spokesman said Sabal Trail “plans to provide the gas” for Duke’s plant, which explains why Sabal Trail proposed last November a Citrus County Pipeline that goes right to Duke’s site. And now we have further confirmation.

Sabal Trail’s current top news story is by Robby Douglas in Citrus Daily 15 May 2014, Duke to build natural gas plant here, close coal plants, Continue reading Duke gas plants to be fueled by Sabal Trail fracked methane