This pipeline can’t be built without approval of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). You can use FERC’s e-comment system to contact them directly, and everyone who registers there can see all those comments. Or e-mail to efiling@ferc.gov, or call 202-502-8258, or mail written comments to:

Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary;
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission;
888 First St. N.E. Room 1A;
Washington, D.C. 20426.

Use docket number PF14-1 CP15-17 for the Sabal Trail pipeline.

Here’s step by step How to send an ecomment to FERC.

(Here’s another step by step how to by Stop the Pipeline; just remember to use the docket numbers for the local proposed pipeline; see below.)

You can also deny or rescind permission to the pipeline company. When you do that, please also comment on that to FERC.

Docket Numbers

Projects at FERC are organized by docket numbers. These three projects are intended to carry the same methane: FERC intends to do the same environmental study for all three projects.


Anyone can file comments online with FERC.


Individuals or organizations can become intervenors, which gives them legal standing to participate in FERC decisions.
The Commission encourages electronic submission of motions to intervene via the eFiling link on the Commission’s website. There are document attachment and document-less options for both timely and out-of-time motions to intervene.

Here’s how to file a motion to intervene.


No Gas Pipeline in New Jersey is suing FERC.

38 thoughts on “FERC

  1. Please, everyone go to FERC.gov using docket number PF14-1 to file an ecomment objecting to the pipeline. We need to FLOOD FERC with comments. When I spoke to John Peconom he saw very few filings. I explained this is not a lack of interest but a lack of information. Many residents do not know anything about the pipeline. Our charge is to get the word out and encourage everyone to file comments with FERC.
    Together we can make a difference!
    http://www.ferc.gov/contact-us/tel-num/phone.pdf is the URL to the FERC 2103 Employee Phone Director. Please feel free to call them as well.

  2. Open House Meetings

    Sabal Trail’s low profile approach to these meetings will keep our community uninformed and unprepared to meet the challenges of the proposed pipeline.
    I received a letter that provided instructions on how to go find the meeting times. I found it interesting that a two page letter could be sent requesting authorization for the survey; however, Sabal Trail has made the task incumbent on the property owners to locate the information about these meetings.

    Our entire community is impacted and notice has only been provided to landowners. It is egregious that Sabal Trail has excluded the majority of the citizens of our community in their notification process.

    I have volunteered to provide direction to Sabal Trail that will help them better inform communities regarding the Open House meetings on the proposed pipeline. A tiered approach of multimedia formats with multiple listing would allow our entire community to be aware of the proceedings.

    I have requested that a moratorium be placed on conducting the meetings until a comprehensive approach of notification has been done.

    Shame on you Sabal Trail for trying to keep the citizens unaware and uninformed.

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