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Report violations and Events to stop Sabal Trail

Events you can go to, report violations and other things you can do where you are, and why we all oppose the unnecessary, destructive, and hazardous Sabal “Sinkhole” Trail fracked methane pipeline.

If you want to go somewhere to do something, Continue reading Report violations and Events to stop Sabal Trail

Letter writing against Sabal Trail @ GCCC 2014-11-19

Opposition to Sabal Trail has spread to Athens, Georgia, where the Georgia Climate Change Coalition (GCCC) is writing letters.

Letter Writing Campaign to oppose Sabal Trail Pipeline,

GCCC will host a letter writing campaign to oppose the Sabal Trail Natural Gas Pipeline slated to traverse delicate habitats & acquifiers throughout the South Georgia region. For background on the opposition to this pipeline, click here. Drop by any time during the day on November 19 at the Athens-Clarke County Heritage Foundation Firehouse (489 Prince Avenue) and there will be someone to brief you and postcards to write.

After writing your letter, stay for our 2014 Annual Meeting at 6pm.

Then, on November 22nd a group of bicyclists will leave Athens to make the 200-mile journey to Albany Georgia, passing through Macon, to Koinonia Farm in Americus, Georgia along the way, staging letter writing/community education/networking events along the way. In the early afternoon of 25th we will arrive in Albany and meet with community leaders. We will then return as a group to Decatur to host the last event of this brief tour.