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Emera, Inc – A Natural Gas Exporter Acquires TECO – Tampa Electric

Canadian based, Emera Inc., has acquired TECO – Tampa Electric Company.

“The acquisition of TECO Energy advances a number of important strategic objectives for Emera,” said Chris Huskilson, president and CEO of Emera Inc. “We expect it to be Continue reading Emera, Inc – A Natural Gas Exporter Acquires TECO – Tampa Electric

U.S. rejects Keystone XL: next let’s stop Sabal Trail!

Thanks to Bill McKibben and everyone else who made that pipeline an international cause. Now let’s stop Spectra’s Sabal “Sinkhole” Trail and keep Kinder Morgan’s Palmetto pipeline denied. And let’s stop the Trans-Pacific Parternership (TPP) before it can produce more “free trade” countries for LNG export.

Coral Davenport, New York Times, 6 November 2015, Obama Rejects Construction of Keystone XL Oil Pipeline,

President Obama’s denial of the proposed 1,179-mile pipeline, which would have carried 800,000 barrels a day of carbon-heavy petroleum from the Canadian oil sands to the Gulf Coast, comes as he is seeking to build an ambitious legacy on climate change.

“The pipeline would not make a meaningful longterm contribution to our economy,” Mr. Obama said in remarks from the White House.

The move was made ahead of Continue reading U.S. rejects Keystone XL: next let’s stop Sabal Trail!

Canadian regulator orders Spectra to clean up its safety practices

Canada’s FERC equivalent had to escalate from specific fines to a blanket clean-up order. Do you still believe Spectra is “a very genuine, safe, law-abiding company”?

Mackenzie Scrimshaw, iPolitics.ca, 15 July 2015, The Drilldown: Spectra Energy faces NEB fines,

Spectra Energy Corp SE.N is feeling the heat from the National Energy Board (NEB). As Reuters reports, the Houston-based company is facing more than $120,000 in fines for committing almost 30 infractions at its Westcoast Energy processing plants in the last 15 months. What’s more, the NEB has requested a correction of these “management system failures.” “The Board expects Westcoast to address safety concerns on a systemic basis, throughout all its gas processing plants and facilities,” reads the NEB’s safety order. “Based on recent violations described below, the Board is not confident safety concerns are being addressed in this manner.”

So that $88,000 fine in January was just the start of this year’s NEB fines to Spectra.

Mike De Souza, Yahoo! Finance, 14 July 2015, Canada regulator orders Spectra Energy to clean up practices, Continue reading Canadian regulator orders Spectra to clean up its safety practices

Protect our community from Sabal Trail –Beacon Baptist Church to Albany Mayor Hubbard

Received today. I added the links and illustrations and a few [notes]. -jsq

Copy of Letter sent to Albany Mayor Hubbard on behalf of Beacon Baptist Church opposing pipeline: Hello Mayor Hubbard,

I am writing to you on behalf of Beacon Baptist Church located at 5818 Newton Rd., Albany Ga. directly across from the proposed site for the Sabal Trail/Spectra Energy compressor station and pipeline route. 300x244 Beacon Baptist Church, across from Sabal Trail compressor station site, in Beacon Baptist Church, by John S. Quarterman, for SpectraBusters.org, 29 September 2014 We are asking you, as the Mayor of Albany, to take action in protecting our community by opposing the Sabal Trail/Spectra Energy pipeline. We have contacted County Commissioners and reached out to your office on several occasions about this issue. We have done extensive research compiling a list of some 6095 people across the US that have been negatively affected by Sabal Trail/Spectra Energy and other related pipelines. We have cited the numerous safety violations of Sabal Trail/Spectra Energy and the enormous fines that have been levied against them. It is our deep concern that after 51 years at our current location, Continue reading Protect our community from Sabal Trail –Beacon Baptist Church to Albany Mayor Hubbard

Spectra and TransCanada competing in LNG export in British Columbia

TransCanada, of the notorious Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline, is also competing with Spectra Energy for fracked methane export through an LNG export terminal on the British Columbia coast, and Spectra just got another approval for its “corridor” for not one but two giant pipelines to the Pacific Ocean.

Gordon Jaremko wrote for GPI 4 April 2014, NEB OKs Spectra (Westcoast) Tolls; Major Expansion Planned to Serve Pacific LNG,

Spectra Energy (Westcoast) received approval from the National Energy Board (NEB) for the stable base of its agenda: a 2014-2015 tolls and tariff settlement with customers of its current capacity of 3 Bcf/d.

The deal enables the BC grid to focus on a plan aimed at almost quadrupling its capacity by becoming the principal conduit between northern shale deposits and proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals on the Pacific Coast.

The settlement was not opposed or even questioned Continue reading Spectra and TransCanada competing in LNG export in British Columbia

Spectra submitted EA to BC for 2 pipelines to LNG export

Not one, but up to two pipelines for LNG export in a single “transportation corridor” in British Columbia, for 8.4 billion cubic feet per day in a single right of way, twice as much as earlier Spectra PR about this same project. Does anybody still doubt Spectra CEO Greg Ebel’s assertion that “I would expect we’ll have some involvement in all of” the North American LNG export terminals that Spectra’s pipelines “go right by”? And if Spectra wants to put two pipelines in that right of way in BC, what do they expect to do in the right of way they propose through Alabama, Georgia, and Florida? Sure, they haven’t said they want to do that here, but they didn’t say it about BC at this stage, either. Spectra thanks the aborigines of BC for sharing their objections and plows ahead anyway. We are all Indians to Spectra’s cowboys, but this time there are more of us.

Dave Michaels wrote yesterday for energeticcity.ca (I added the links and images), Gas Pipeline Application

Spectra Energy has handed in an Environmental Assessment Certificate application to the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office for its Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project.

If approved, the project would ship as much as 4.2 (b) billion cubic feet per day through a pipeline from the Cypress area (southwest of Pink Mountain) to the Ridley Island Terminal, near Prince Rupert. The proposal now undergoes Continue reading Spectra submitted EA to BC for 2 pipelines to LNG export

New Brunswick natives win against fracking company

It sure looks like all Cowboys and Indians as far as fossil fuel companies are concerned, and the only Cowboys are the fossil fuel executives and investors. First Nations just won a temporary victory in New Brunswick, Canada against fracking company SWN, a wholly owned subsidiary of Southwestern Energy of Houston, Texas. Landowners and other pipeline opponents in the U.S. southeast maybe can stop a methane pipeline that could well connect all the way up to those same contested shale fields in New Brunswick.

APTN national news wrote yesterday, SWN ending exploration work in NB, will be back in 2015: Elsipogtog War Chief Levi,

ELSIPGOTG FIRST NATION, NB—A Houston-based energy company that has faced ferocious resistance from a Mi’kmaq-led coalition is ending its shale gas exploration work for the year, says Elsipogtog War Chief John Levi.

Levi said Friday that the RCMP informed him that SWN Resources Canada is ending its exploration work, but will return in 2015.

SWN is not Spectra Energy. SWN fracks for gas; Spectra mostly transports it in pipelines. But look at Spectra’s own map, Our Portfolio of Assets: Continue reading New Brunswick natives win against fracking company

Spectra building pipeline to export through BC LNG terminal

If Spectra is building a pipeline to export through a British Columbian Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) port, what are they building this Sabal Trail Transmission pipeline for? Could it have anything to do with the U.S. House Subcommittee chaired by Spectra’s Houston hometown Rep. Ted Poe wanting to export gas to India?

Spectra’s own web page about this, Spectra Energy and BG Group Natural Gas Transportation System:

British Columbia, Canada, enjoys an abundance of natural gas resources that can serve the province and North America’s energy needs, and also serve growing global demand. Developing new markets for its natural gas will benefit B.C., through job creation, investment, increased revenues, and enhanced competitiveness. In turn, markets served by B.C. will gain access to cleaner-burning, reliable and affordable natural gas. To benefit B.C. and serve multiple markets, Spectra Energy and our partner, BG Group, propose to build a 850-kilometre (525 mile) natural gas system originating from northeastern B.C. to serve BG Group’s potential liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility in Prince Rupert, on the province’s northwest coast.

Spectra PR of 10 September 2012, Continue reading Spectra building pipeline to export through BC LNG terminal