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What is FERC required to do?

What is FERC required to do to justifiy a pipeline certificate and eminent domain? John Peconom of FERC told me that federal eminent domain was justified by Florida needing the gas, therefore it was for the good of the United States. Peconom didn’t provide a reference, but FERC’s own documents say FERC is supposed to balance public benefits, which means somebody has to demonstrate those public benefits. Also, one-time payments to landowners may not be enough.

In FERC’s own Natural Gas Environmental Guidelines, GUIDANCE MANUAL FOR ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT PREPARATION, Continue reading What is FERC required to do?

Port Dolphin off Tampa already approved by FERC for LNG import

Offshore deepwater LNG import project Port Dolphin was approved by FERC in 2009, despite interventions by a long list of other pipeline companies, FPL, and other entities. FERC granted Port Dolphin permission to interconnect with Gulfstream and Florida Gas Transmission, the two pipelines FPL requires Sabal Trail to connect to. What if Port Dolphin files to export LNG, as so many other import-permitted projects are doing?

Port Dolphin’s own website doesn’t seem to be responding. The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine has a cached copy from 12 January 2014, with this map:

Manatee Chamber of Commerce lists Port Dolphin’s contact information as: Continue reading Port Dolphin off Tampa already approved by FERC for LNG import

Turtle Bayou Gas Storage Company Denied by FERC

This is the denied application Kevin Bowman gave me, and that John Peconom also gave me:

Turtle Bayou Gas Storage Company, LLC Docket No. CP10-481-000

(Issued June 16, 2011)
1. On August 9, 2010, Turtle Bayou Gas Storage Company, LLC (Turtle Bayou) filed an application in Docket No. CP10-481-000 under section 7(c) of the Natural Gas Act (NGA),1 requesting a certificate of public convenience and necessity under Part 157, Subpart A, of the Commission’s regulations2 authorizing the construction and operation of a salt dome natural gas storage facility and associated pipeline facilities in Chambers and Liberty Counties, Texas. In addition, Turtle Bayou seeks a blanket certificate under Part 157, Subpart F, of the Commission’s regulations to engage in certain eligible construction activities3 and a blanket certificate under Part 284, Subpart G, of the regulations to provide open-access transportation services, including storage service.4 Turtle Bayou also requests authority to charge market-based rates for its storage services, and accordingly seeks a waiver of certain filing, accounting, and reporting requirements. As discussed below, the Commission denies Turtle Bayou’s application for the requested certificate authorizations.

1 15 U.S.C. § 717f(c) (2006).

2 18 C.F.R. Part 157 (2011).

3 Id.

4 18 C.F.R. Part 284 (2011).

There’s also this: Continue reading Turtle Bayou Gas Storage Company Denied by FERC

Keyspan LNG and Algonquin Pipeline denied by FERC

This is the denied application that John Peconom gave me:

KeySpan LNG, L.P. and Algonquin Gas Transmission LLC

KeySpan LNG, L.P. Docket Nos. CP04-223-000 and
Algonquin Gas Transmission LLC Docket No. CP04-358-000
(Issued July 5, 2005)
  1. In this proceeding, KeySpan LNG, L.P. (KeySpan) requests authority under section3 of the Natural Gas Act to site, construct, and operate a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at its existing LNG storage facility in the City of Providence, Rhode Island.1 In a related application, Algonquin Gas Transmission LLC (Algonquin) requests authority under section 7(c) of the Natural Gas Act to construct and operate 1.44 miles of 24-inch diameter pipeline in order to transport natural gas from KeySpan’s proposed terminal to Algonquin’s existing interstate pipeline system.2
  2. In essence, KeySpan is proposing Continue reading Keyspan LNG and Algonquin Pipeline denied by FERC

Orders Denying Certificates

Given months to find them, all FERC could come up with for orders denying certificates was for two liquid natural gas (LNG) facilities. Each did have an associated pipeline request, but neither was for a stand-alone pipeline application. I do thank John Peconom and Kevin Bowman for providing these documents. However, really, is this all there is?

I asked John Peconom of FERC for a list of denied pipeline applications at the Moultrie makeup Sabal Trail Open House 27 January 2014, and again after the Valdosta FERC Scoping Meeting 4 March 2014, and each time Peconom said he would get me a list, including the actual orders denying some pipelines. At the Moultrie FERC Scoping Meeting 5 March 2014, I pointed out to the hundred-or-so attendees that I still hadn’t gotten a list.

After the Moultrie meeting, Kevin Bowman of FERC gave me a slip of paper with this written on it:

Turtle Bayou Gas
June 2011

See separate post.

Then John Peconom of FERC sent me an email message with these two links in it: Continue reading Orders Denying Certificates