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Albany, GA caves to Sabal Trail 4-3

One vote could have stopped this. One vote could vote out one or more of the four who voted for. Thanks to Roger Marietta for fighting on.

Carlton Fletcher, Albany Herald, 15 March 2016, Albany city commissioners agree to Sabal Trail easement payment: Pipeline company to pay city $165,000 settlement for five easements,

The Albany City Commission voted 4-3 at a called meeting Tuesday morning to accept a $165,000 payment from Sabal Trail Transmissions for five easements on city-owned property.

Ward IV City Commissioner Roger Marietta suggested Continue reading Albany, GA caves to Sabal Trail 4-3

LTE opposing GA-DNR giving away easements to Sabal Trail –FrK, WWALS, GA Sierra Club

And you can contact other GA-DNR board members, send them comments, or go to the meeting Wednesday morning 9AM in Atlanta. -jsq

Jeff Sinyard represents southwest Georgia on the Board of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. He is our voice on that very important and powerful Board.

Sabal Trail Pipeline needs easements granted by the DNR Board to pass under key southwest and south-central Georgia rivers and creeks. Elsewhere in Georgia, over to the east and on the coast, Governor Deal’s DOT recently blocked the use of eminent domain for a gas and diesel pipeline. The Governor Continue reading LTE opposing GA-DNR giving away easements to Sabal Trail –FrK, WWALS, GA Sierra Club

Why accepting a natural gas easement is a bad deal

Here are a few things you get with a pipeline easement: no right to grow trees on it, limited right to put up fences, and if you do, you have to have gates in them that the pipeline company can put their own lock on. 300x162 Right-of-Way diagram, in Kinder Morgan Right-of-, by Kinder Morgan, 2 June 2008 But you do get to continue to pay taxes on land you can no longer fully use; land that now contains a potentially corrosive, leaky, explosive hazard that you can’t tap for your own use. And you do get pipeline company contractors coming through at their convenience to mow or otherwise clear the right of way. Contractors who may be somewhat unclear on where the right of way ends and your trees, for example, start. Without ever having to notify you then or tell you later what happened. And it’s even worse than that: you may get another pipeline, and meanwhile the pipeline company will claim rights over local governments and developments. All while the world has changed and the sun has risen on a better way.

All bets are off if there’s a pipeline break

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Pine trees, home sites, and pipeline rights of way –Tim Bland to FERC

Comment on FERC docket PF14-1 16 October 2013. Yes, if this pipeline is so safe and desirable, why can’t it go in public road rights of way? -jsq

Tim Bland, Valdosta, GA.

I am writing in regard to the construction of a new natural gas pipeline by Sable Trails/Spectra Energy, Docket #PF14-1. This proposed line will run right through the middle of my property located at 4801 Gary Lane in Valdosta, Georgia. The majority of the land that will be affected is planted in pine trees, which we use for the harvest and sale of pine straw and eventually the sale of the timber itself. Looking long-term, as a supplement for retirement, we have also considered subdividing this land into 5-acre tracks to sell for home sites.

South Georgia Natural Gas Company pipeline in south Lowndes County Georgia Sable trails is demanding that we sell them a 100′ easement right in the middle of this property, directly adjacent to an existing 50′ gas line easement owned by South Georgia Natural Gas. This will make 150′ right in the middle of our property that we will no longer be able to use for straw and timber harvesting. In addition, because of the route this line takes through our property, it will render this property useless for future home sites. This pipeline will have a direct negative affect on the income earning potential of this property for straw harvesting over the next 25-30 years as well at the long-term earning potential of timber harvesting and sale for home sites.

As I understand it, South Georgia Natural Gas bid on this pipeline project with intentions to place the new line within their existing easement. However they were out bid and now refuse to allow Sable Trails/Spectra to utilize the existing easement. Because of this, Continue reading Pine trees, home sites, and pipeline rights of way –Tim Bland to FERC