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Spectra, Duke, NextEra, Williams, all members of ALEC super-lobby group

All the companies behind the Southeast Market Pipelines Project have representatives sitting in those back rooms voting on draft bills on an equal basis with state legislators, according to the latest information publicly availlable. Back in the news a year after an Atlanta TV station reported on an ALEC meeting in Savannah, ALEC is not just for Georgia, every state has legislators in that super-lobbying group, including Florida and Albama, taking those draft bills back to their legislatures and often getting them passed. Now you know why the same bad bills to ban home rule on fracking, to block renwable energy portfolios, to impose a solar tax, and of course to promote fracked methane pipelines, show up at the same times in states all across the country.

Brendan Keefe and Michael King, WXIA-TV, 22 May 2015, Legislators and corporate lobbyists meet in secret at Georgia resort. They found out quite a bit before ALEC had off-duty deputies throw them out of their hotel. Continue reading Spectra, Duke, NextEra, Williams, all members of ALEC super-lobby group

NextEra invests in solar while its subsidiary FPL promotes fracked methane Sabal Trail

Does it seem like FPL is the sucker in these fossil fuel deals by its parent NextEra? While the people of Florida fall far behind even New Jersey and Massachusetts in deploying solar power in the much more populous Sunshine State? You can call your local, state, and federal officials and ask them to stop the fossil fuel boondoggles and get on with solar power.

As we’ve seen, NextEra is unloading its Oklahoma fracking operation onto FPL. “Positive” effects of fracking in Oklahoma have included earthquakes.

Meanwhile, NextEra subsidiary Nextera Energy Resources has solar operations in California, Nevada, New Mexico, and even New Jersey, but not in Florida. NextEra’s Yieldco NextEra Energy Partners (NEP) is even Continue reading NextEra invests in solar while its subsidiary FPL promotes fracked methane Sabal Trail

What companies are in Sabal Trail and related?

Who is Sabal Trail, anyway? Counties resolving against Sabal Trail might want to make their resolutions against any new pipeline, since there’s already another one proposed for Suwannee County (see below).

Sabal Trail owned and operated by….

Reviving a pipeline idea that failed in the Florida PSC in 2009, FPL put out a request for proposals that was won by Sabal Trail in 2013. Note the original proposed Sabal Trail path in the map below did not go through Georgia; why that changed is a long story apparently only known in full to Spectra, FPL, and Williams Co.

Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC was formed by Continue reading What companies are in Sabal Trail and related?

Call GA Gov. Deal, boycott Florida tourism, say Dougherty County leader

Call the Georgia Governor, ecomment to FERC, and boycott Florida Tourism, Albany and Dougherty County leaders ask.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal Call Georgia Governor Nathan Deal today!

(404) 656-1776

Remember to sign the petition Continue reading Call GA Gov. Deal, boycott Florida tourism, say Dougherty County leader

This is why SPECTRA wants to keep their landowner list secret….Bronson Dr. opposes pipeline, feels he’s in the dark, can’t get answers, and there is nothing he can do….

Terry Witt wrote for Levy County Journal (undated), Bronson Area Property Owner Says Gas Pipeline Just an Atom Bomb (Bronson Word version),

“I feel very violated that they can put an atom bomb through my property,” Bryan said.

I have asked that the writer of this article please put me in touch with the doctor, and to give him my info and the web site info, spectrabusters.org.

Florida PSC tentatively approved pipeline

Where’s the Georgia Public Service Commission on a pipeline that gashes across Georgia to serve Florida? The Florida Public Service Commission has made an initial ruling.

Ivan Penn wrote for the Tampa Bay Times 24 October 2013, Florida PSC approves third major natural gas pipeline,

State regulators approved the construction of a third major natural gas pipeline Thursday that will increase Florida’s capacity by 20 percent at a cost of $3 billion.

The unanimous vote by the five-member state Public Service Commission clears the first of two major hurdles for the new system that is projected to come on line in 2017.

“The need for this project is Continue reading Florida PSC tentatively approved pipeline

FL PSC determination about Sabal Trail pipeline not final yet

Document 06488-13 of 10/28/2013:

PAA Order PSC-13-0505-PAA-EI on FPL’s proposed Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC and Florida Southeast Connection pipelines; docket to be closed if order becomes final; protest due 11/18/13.

At the top of the document there’s this:

NOTICE is hereby given by the Florida Public Service Commission that the action discussed herein is preliminary in nature and will become final unless a person whose interests are substantially affected files a petition for a formal proceeding, pursuant to Rule 25-22.029, Florida Administrative Code.

And at the end of the document there’s this addendum,


The Florida Public Service Commission is required by Section 120.569(1), Florida Statutes, to notify parties of any administrative hearing that is available under Section 120.57, Florida Statutes, as well as the procedures and time limits that apply. This notice should not be construed to mean all requests for an administrative hearing will be granted or result in the relief sought.

Mediation may be available on a case-by-case basis. If mediation is conducted, it does not affect a substantially interested person’s right to a hearing.

The action proposed herein is preliminary in nature. Any person whose substantial interests are affected by the action proposed by this order may file a petition for a formal proceeding, in the form provided by Rule 28-106.201, Florida Administrative Code. This petition must be received by the Office of Commission Clerk, 2540 Shumard Oak Boulevard, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0850, by the close of business on November 18, 2013.

In the absence of such a petition, this order shall become final and effective upon the issuance of a Consummating Order.

Any objection or protest filed in this/these docket(s) before the issuance date of this order is considered abandoned unless it satisfies the foregoing conditions and is renewed within the specified protest period.

Here’s more context.